2015 Memorial Weekend Roll of Honor

Gerald W. Allbritton

Columbus Fire Department

Thomas E. Andersen

Surfside Beach Fire Department

Bridgett Nicole Autry

Herring Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Bartholomew Blake Bailey

Grayback Forestry, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contract

Kevin Leo Baker

Mid-North Johnson County Volunteer Fire Department

Jack K. Barker

Tampa Fire Rescue

George F. Batelli Sr.

Garfield Fire Company #1

William J. Beard Jr.

City of Greensboro Fire Department

Dallas B. Begg

Osceola County Fire-Rescue, Kissimmee

Elmer Bell

Choctaw Fire Department

Clarence F. Birchmore

Whiting Volunteer Fire Department

Edna Faye Bishop

Bon Secour Volunteer Fire Department

Thomas Earl Brooks

Lumberton Fire Department

Robert Broussard

Sycuan Fire Department

Jeremy Brown

Screven County Fire Department

Randall E. Carpenter

Coos Bay Fire and Rescue

Garet J. Caulfield

San Francisco Fire Department

Rodney L. Chambers

Verona Fire Department

Jeffery E. Common

Coos Bay Fire and Rescue

Harold Coons

South Schodack Fire Department

Joseph J. Craft

Universal Volunteer Fire Department Penn Hills #6

Richard Alan Cusson

South Killingly Fire Department

Richard J. Dake

LaGrange Fire & Rescue Department

Michael H. Davis

Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc.

Vincent Llyonell Davis

Dallas Fire-Rescue

Heather J. DePaolo-Johnny

USDA Forest Service - Lassen National Forest

Michael L. DePauw

Dallas Fire-Rescue

Timothy A. DiOrio

Maine Fire Company of the Coal Township Fire Department

Barry Lee Dockter

Anamoose Fire Department

Roger M. Dunn

Clute Volunteer Fire Department

Joshua Brandon Earley

Harrisburg Fire & Rescue

Raymond Alvin Ebel

Newaygo Fire Department

Jackie Eli Ellington Jr.

Newcastle Fire Department

Michael G. Elliott

Maple Rapids Fire Department

Robert W. Feeney

Long Branch Fire Department

Bruce Steven Fletcher

Ashford Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Allen R. Frye

Roslyn Rescue Hook & Ladder Company Co.‚ No. 1

Rupert A. Fuller

Darlington - Gaskin Fire Department

Jack Gazalie

Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department

John E. Ginocchetti

Manlius Fire Department

William H. Goodrich Jr.

North Hampton Volunteer Fire Department

Kim A. Granholm

Thomson Township - Esko Volunteer Fire Department

David Kelly Hammer

First Strike Environmental, Roseburg - Oregon Department of Forestry Contractor

Jason Jackson Hampton

Almaville Volunteer Fire Department

Chuck Hanners

Coos Bay Fire and Rescue

James H. Hanson

Chauncey-Dover Volunteer Fire Department

Dennis L. Harris

Mount Vernon Volunteer Fire Department

Earl M. Hemphill

Russell City Fire Department

Paul K. Jolliff

Indianapolis Fire Department

Steven Louis Jones

City of Roswell Fire Department

Shane M. Kelly

Oviedo Fire Rescue

Thomas W. Kickler

Laurens County Fire Department

Gordon Knight

State of Colorado

Mike Kruse

Muscatine Fire Department

Craig LaBare

Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc.

Jonathan M. Lanphear

Boyd Fire Department

Timothy J. Lynch

Manlius Fire Department

Richard A. Majors

Nashville Fire Department

Edmund E. Malinski

Northern Wayne Fire Company

Mark David Mansfield

Overland Park Fire Department

David A. Martin

Opal Volunteer Fire Department

Derek Duval Martin

St. Louis Fire Department

Jacob B. Martindale

Grayback Forestry, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contract

Roger Glen McMillin

Martin Volunteer Fire Department

John K. Mickel

Osceola County Fire Rescue

Robert Bruce Morrison

St. Louis Fire Department

Thomas S. Murray

Jefferson City Fire Department

Gerald W. Nadeau

Fall River Fire Department

Kerry G. Neis

Fort Rucker Directorate of Public Safety Fire and Emergency

Robert S. Nichols Jr.

Loretto Volunteer Fire Department

Steven M. Olander

Detroit Fire Department

Ralph Oralls Jr.

Village of Oxford Fire Department

Steven Kent Oustad

United States Forest Service - Lassen National Forest

Robert E. Peterson

Bad Axe Area Fire Department

Robert Glen Poore

Briceville Volunteer Fire Department

Sandy Powell

McLeansville Fire Department, Inc.

Daniel Eric Rama

Grayback Forestry, Inc.

George J. Rehak

Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue

Louis A. Rickards

Lewes Fire Department

Bernes J. Schutte

Palisade Volunteer Fire Department

Rick Schwartz

Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contractor

Dustin ‘Dusty’ Michael Schwendeman

Dunham Township Volunteer Fire Department

John ‘Cowboy’ Self

United States Forest Service - Lassen National Forest

Retha Mae Shirley

Grayback Forestry, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contract

Joan Spear

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Wayne A. Steen Sr.

Mill Creek Fire Company, Wilmington

Thomas Gray Stewart III

Gloucester City Fire Department

Terry W. Stinson

Brown Township Fire Department

Milt Stollak

Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc.

Ralph Stott Jr.

Terre Haute Fire Department

Leo L. Swank

Jefferson Township - Bellville Fire Department

James E. Sylvester

Mount Ephraim Fire Department

Kenneth Wayne Taylor

Madisonville Fire Department

William J. Tripp Jr.

Richford Fire Department

Sekou I. Turner

Alameda County Fire Department

David Michael Turney

Oakland Volunteer Fire Department

Joseph M. Tynan Jr.

Brookline Fire Department

Rex Walter

Napanoch Fire Company

Steven R. Wass

Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contractor

Andrew Waybright

Harney Volunteer Fire Company/Frederick County Department of Fire-Rescue Services

Adam Lee Weisenberger

Gluckstadt Volunteer Fire Department

John D. West Sr.

Camden County Fire Marshal's Office

Travis Lyn Wiens

Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department

Henry J. Wissel

Heidelberg Volunteer Fire Department

Alan W. Wyatt

United States Forest Service - Rio Grande National Forest

Zachary M. Zigich

USDA Forest Service Contractor