Easy Workout and Movement Activities You Can Do from Home, with Pamela Hagens

Pamela Hagens was scheduled to lead exercise sessions during the 2020 Wellness Conference in Branson, Missouri. Pamela is a presenter at The Compassionate Friends National Conference and serves on the TCF Nashville Leadership Team. She is a running enthusiast, group fitness instructor, and an avid reader and writer.

She writes, On July 5, 2013, time stopped. Our eldest son had said his final good night before we had folded in the details of a long life; a life full of love, learning, laughter, sharing and growing. For 19½ summers our firstborn son held beautiful space in the earth. We were a blur of brokenness; emotional debris covered our heart. We began a journey that has kept us moving, carrying our son into the future with memories from our past and love in the present.

Like all of us, Pamela is adjusting to the demands of a new reality. She has generously shared with us a few recent videos she recorded of gentle workouts that can be done with materials you have on hand at home, including one fun video she did with children specifically in mind. It’s all about movement and having fun.

The Fire Hero Family Programs team is here for you. While we are adapting to these new circumstances, we are researching ways to bring resources, workshops, and meetings to you virtually. In the coming weeks, we will provide resources and information to help you stay connected.