Honoring Heroes. The Thin Red Line Debit Card.

Thin Red Line Debit Card

Thin Red Line Debit CardThe Thin Red Line Debit Card is the first in our series of community checking accounts. Honoring our everyday heroes and supporting organizations with every purchase. Firefighters and their family members can pay with pride while supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF).

NFFF has partnered with Langley Federal Credit Union to support firefighters and EMS heroes throughout the nation. Langley is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and serves members across the nation with ease through their secure digital banking platform.

Impact Lives. With this account, every purchase made with the Thin Red Line Debit Card will contribute to a monthly donation from Langley to the NFFF. It’s easier than ever to support the mission of NFFF with this new debit card.

Pay with Pride. The Thin Red Line Debit Card features the honorable thin red stripe that is recognizable by Firefighters and EMS across the nation. Members can proudly show off this sleek design with every purchase made! The Thin Red Line Debit Card is equipped with contactless technology and 24/7 fraud protection for all online and in-store purchases.

Free and Open in Minutes! No minimum balance, no monthly fees, no gimmicks. The Thin Red Line Checking Account is completely free and easy to open. Simply visit to open one today! The Thin Red Line Debit Card will be received within 7-10 business days.

Friends and Family Heroes. Family members are welcome too! Family members and friends can open their own Thin Red Line Checking account. For every person that uses your referral code, Langley will give you both a $30 referral bonus with their Member Referral Program.