Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell

Dr. Lori Moore-MerrellDr. Moore-Merrell is the President and CEO of the International Public Safety Data Institute. She also serves as a senior executive with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), responsible for frontline interaction with elected officers, Executive Board members, state, provincial and local chapter leaders and individual members throughout the U.S. and Canada. Lori is considered an expert in emergency response system evaluation, data collection and analysis, costs and benefits analysis, strategic planning, advocacy, consensus building, and policy development and implementation. Dr. Moore-Merrell serves on National and International Boards of Directors and advises elected officials and chief executives at the federal level and in metropolitan jurisdictions regarding community risk assessment, emergency resource deployment, high threat response including civil unrest, active shooter, and other hostile events providing them scientific data to make fact-based decisions. During her 25 years at the IAFF, Lori has also spent more than 14 years leading a research team made up of international fire service organizations and other partners including the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the Urban Institute, the University of Texas, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. As principal investigator and senior project manager on projects funded by FEMA/ Assistance to Firefighters Grants totaling more than $20 Million, she has lead the team to produce landmark reports and other tools to improve Residential and High-Rise Fireground Operations, Community Risk Assessment, Fire and EMS Resource Deployment, and ‘Big Data Analytics’… all to help drive executive decision-making. These reports and other resources have changed the face of fire and EMS deployment in countries throughout the world. See www.firereporting.org. A great portion of Lori’s expertise is in executive leadership including generational differences in the workplace, community risk assessment, emergency response system design, staffing and deployment of mobile resources, system performance measurement, and evaluation. She has managed emergency response system evaluation project teams, including secure data procurement, geographic information systems (GIS) analysis, and work load analysis in hundreds of fire departments throughout North America. Dr. Moore-Merrell, along with a small group of fire service leaders recently founded the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) with a mission to assure that every local public safety agency can show their response capability and reliability using their own local data.