Jim Markel

Business Manager

Jim MarkelAfter spending 25 years in higher education administration, Jim Markel joined the Foundation staff in January 2011 as Business Manager. Jim’s diverse portfolio of duties range from human resource concerns to facility issues to system challenges. According to Jim, “The primary focus of the Foundation is delivering both ongoing and growing services to both our survivor families and our firefighting community. Our ability to identify needs and deliver timely services will continue to define our opportunity to serve our communities.”

In cultivating new business and technology opportunities, Jim believes the future of the Foundation continues to be both bright and focused. By retaining sensitivity to the needs of our communities and dedicating our staff to the sharpening of skills, Jim believes our ability to serve our constituents will be greatly enhanced.

In his spare time, Jim is pursuing his ministerial credentials, maintaining multiple blogs and writing. Jim lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Judi, a horse (Lovebug), and a rabbit (Sara).