#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.





  1. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my father. 2020 was a storm that changed everyone’s lives. Everything happened so quickly and nothing will ever be the same. As of writing this it has been almost exactly 3 years since the day we lost him and yet just seeing his photo again I can still feel his warmth. All my life growing up in this small town everyone knew my father. No matter where I went or who I met someone had a story to tell with a smile on their face. That’s just how iconic he was and how loved he was. I never once worried that he would never come back. All my life he was a hero, I’ve met countless people who told me they saved his lives. Even though I was young I still vividly remember my father leaving for New York on 9/11. I remember my father leaving the house for countless house fires or other EMS calls. He was someone I was always proud of and will continue to be proud of. He always made sure to support me. And there was still so much more I wanted to show him. So much more memories I wanted to have. I was always an awkward kid on the introverted side which sometimes made his extroverted self so bright. I was often embarrassed when I was told I looked like my father. Even annoyed at times when I couldn’t go anywhere without running into someone who didn’t know my father. But just like everyone else here, I’m sure we would all do anything just to see them again. Since all we could do is move forward, I’ll try to become someone who can proudly share the same name as my father. even if the accomplishments he made in life were huge. All I could do is keep going forward and trying my best. I wish I could have said this more but…

    I love you dad

    – Ronnie Cordero JR
  2. Ron was always pleasant to deal with whether it be at a fire call and/or a fire inspection. Taking from the people who loved him way too soon. Rest Peacefully Ron your Brothers and Sisters in Little Falls have you covered. I was the Fire Chief in North Caldwell and Construction Official in Cedar Grove

    – Fire Chief John D’Ascensio