Stephen Hagan Sr.

Stephen  Hagan Sr.

Steve was born January 12‚ 1960‚ in Bennettsville‚ South Carolina. He was very devoted to his family. Even from an early age‚ he worked to help support his mom and three brothers. His dad would take them fishing and hunting‚ which we continued with our children. Steve and I met when his family moved in down the road from where I lived with my family. He would spend as much time as my parents allowed at my house. He loved my mom’s cooking. They grew to love him. He became part of the family long before we married in 1979. After my dad got sick‚ he was there to help take care of him and just be there if he wanted to talk.

Steve worked at a gas station‚ where he learned how to fix and race cars. Not long after our daughter was born he stopped racing‚ but we continued to take our children to the drag races so they could experience them.

Steve was a very devoted firefighter and officer‚ but was most prized as department chef. He joined the Blenheim Fire Department in 2004 and quickly became a pivotal presence in the department. As training officer‚ he earned ‘Fireman of the Year’ twice. He enjoyed the closeness he shared with his son‚ Stephen‚ his brother‚ Mike‚ and the many friends he had on the department. He is well loved by all.

Steve was a former baseball and football coach‚ as well as an inspiration with local fire prevention efforts and education‚ giving his own money as a reward to children who excelled in school.

Steve was a humble and loving husband and father. Family outings and closeness were his driving points of happiness. He would never have given up the chance to spend time with either of our children at any moment‚ day or night. He had a special bond with both of them that matched none I have ever seen. He made them feel like they were the most important people in the world‚ and they were.

Steve was my whole world. I lost the world’s greatest husband. I know people hear all the time‚ ‘You never truly know what you have until it is gone.’ That is so very true. If you are reading this‚ please don’t take for granted what you have. At a moment‚ it can be taken away from you.

Steve is truly loved and missed by all who got a chance to know him. He is survived by his wife‚ Rhonda‚ and children‚ Carole and Stephen.