Donald Eugene Ward

Donald Eugene Ward

Submitted by his wife

My husband‚ Donald Eugene Ward‚ was 46 years old when he passed away suddenly of a heart attack.

Eugene‚ as I called him‚ and Donnie‚ as his co-workers called him‚ was living a dream come true. He started out as a volunteer firefighter and EMT in the small town of Beallsville‚ OH. When he got accepted into the fire academy in Columbus‚ OH‚ he was so excited. He was going to be paid to do something he loved. He had been on the City of Columbus Fire Dept. for 12 years when he passed away. He was a firefighter‚ a paramedic‚ a haz-mat tech‚ and rode in charge on the Rescue. He was also the firehouse cook at station 4. Eugene was respected by all those that he worked with. He was very conscientous about doing his job well and he expected the same from others.

Firefighter Ward received 3 Fire Service Awards of Merit for Outstanding Service and 1 Battalion Chief’s Commendation for Outstanding Service. The Battalion Chief’s Commendation was for saving a man’s life in a car accident while he was off duty. I was with him when that one happened. Several people had already given the man up as being dead‚ but my husband got in the vehicle and opened the man’s airway. He was air lifted to a local hospital and‚ as I understand‚ recovered and was discharged from the hospital. My husband always gave me the credit for saving the man’s life because he had already driven past where the accident happened. I was coming up the road behind him‚ saw the accident and called him to come back.

Eugene also had a contracting business besides his firefighter job. Some of his firefighter buddies worked for him. He built 1-2 houses per year around our local area. He had a very good reputation in the community.

Eugene was also a born again Christian man and belonged to Berean Baptist Church in Pickerington‚ OH. I know that he is in heaven and I will see him again one day. I know that his prayer would be for all his friends and family to accept Christ as their Saviour so that they would one day be with him in heaven‚ too.

In closing‚ Eugene was a wonderful husband and father. He loved me and his son‚ Jordan very much‚ as well as the rest of his family and friends. We all miss him so much.

John W. Nance

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