Bobby Joe Mullins

Bobby Joe Mullins

Bobby Joe was 52 years old. He was born on January 7‚ 1957‚ in West Dante‚ Virginia.

Bobby Joe was a wonderful and loving father to his four children‚ Kathy Sue Mullins‚ Renee Harvey‚ Melissa Ann Mullins‚ and Cecil Joe Mullins. He also had nine grandchildren. Bobby Joe married Michelle Mullins on June 13‚ 2009‚ and they were married for six months before Bobby Joe’s death.

Bobby Joe worked in the coalmines for 15 years‚ which he loved. He was a talented musician‚ and he played various instruments. He traveled around southwest Virginia playing and singing gospel music. He also enjoyed playing bluegrass.

He loved to hunt and fish and spend time with his family. He was an instructor for a hunter safety course for adults and children. He had given his last session a week before he passed‚ and his grandson‚ Austin‚ and his son-in-law‚ Dewayne Mullins‚ participated. Little did we know that‚ two days after the course ended‚ we would never talk to him again.

Bobby Joe was the assistant chief of the Dante Volunteer Fire Department. He was a member of the fire department for ten years‚ and he dedicated himself to it. All the firefighters depended on him and loved working with him. He loved helping others. He wouldn’t ask anyone to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. He always said that he wanted to die doing what he loved‚ and that he did.

Bobby Joe was at the scene of a car fire when he started having chest pains. He went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived. We thank God every day for the memories we have of him. Everyone that knew Bobby Joe has lost a huge part of them‚ but the moments that he gave us will live in our hearts forever.