Roger D. Snyder

Lt. Roger D. Snyder was born in Kingston, NY in 1936. He worked for the US Postal Service and he and his wife, Lorraine, had 5 children and 9 grandchildren. He joined the fire service in Kingston, and was assigned to the AH Wicks Engine & Truck Company.

Always eager to serve whenever needed, Roger had his gear in his personal vehicle at all times. He was what a fireman is supposed to be; accordingly, his fine example attracted several men to the fire service.
In November of 1988, LT Snyder was serving as Fire Police at a scene on Albany Ave Kingston, NY, when he was struck down by a drunk driver. At that time, he was a life member of the company.

In November 2013, on the 25th anniversary of his death in the line of duty, with the generous permission of his widow and the Chief, with the help of family members in different parts of the country, the current leadership of AH Wicks Eng&Truck was privileged to organize an observance at City Hall in his honor. Among many family, firefighters and friends in attendance were Mrs. Snyder, the Lieutenant’s grandsons, and his sons, who currently serve in Sawkill, NY.