Jeffrey A. Brozich

Jeffrey A. Brozich

Captain Jeff Brozich passed away after suffering a fatal heart attack while on duty on March 1, 2021.

Jeff was a loving father, stepfather, and devoted husband. Jeff was the second son of Rich and Marion (Beth) Brozich, brother to Bob and Rick Brozich. Jeff had a contagious laugh and a big heart. Everything he did in his life was to help a friend or family member. He enjoyed seeing others happy.

Jeff was hired by the Madison Heights Fire Department in 2000. Over his 20 years of service, Jeff received several commendation awards. The biggest achievement in his career was his graduation from Eastern Michigan University School of Staff and Command. From 2003 to 2008, Jeff served as a SWAT medic for the Oakland County SWAT team. Jeff was promoted from firefighter to sergeant in 2011, lieutenant in 2016, and captain in 2019.

From 2000-2020, Jeff responded to approximately 10,121 calls for service, which includes medical and fire runs. He commanded several fire scenes and made numerous lifesaving decisions within seconds of arriving on scene. Jeff was truly a decorated fire captain and is missed at the firehouse every day.

At home, Jeff was a father to his beautiful daughter, Brianna, stepfather to Lucy and Milo, and devoted husband to his wife, Lindsay. He loved being a dad. He always made sure he spent time with Brianna. In a paper Brianna wrote, she mentioned memories of playing board games, swimming in the pool, and riding bikes with her dad. Jeff enjoyed coaching Bri’s softball team and working on pitching with her as often as he could. Brianna was the light of his life.

Jeff loved Lucy and Milo, too. He would make them laugh by launching them in the pool and doing what they called “Frankenstein” every night at bedtime. He taught Milo how to ride a bike and worked with Lucy on her hitting and pitching skills in preparation for softball. Lucy would dance on his feet in the kitchen, and Milo would play board games with him.

Jeff was recently married to his wife, Lindsay, on November 1, 2019. He was a loving and devoted husband. Jeff and Lindsay talked a lot about travel and hiking. Date nights often consisted of shooting pool (where Jeff usually won) or heading downtown to the casino. Jeff and Lindsay enjoyed life together.

Jeff’s infectious laugh and smile is missed every day by all his loved ones. His memory will live on forever in our hearts, and we will continue to honor him every day. He will be remembered for his big heart and endless love.