William Marks

William  Marks

Submitted by a brother firefighter

Bill ‘Spence’ Marks was a great guy. He headed up the youth community program and enjoyed opening the hydrants on hot days for those kids‚ or as he would have put it ‘the Showers.’ He never looked past anyone. He treated everyone the same.

Bill was a life member of our company which means he had over 20 years of active service‚ most of which he had 100 + calls. His one and only spot on the truck was the tail board so being on it that tragic night was nothing unusual. Bill lived only 1 block from the station and when the whistle was blowing you had better get out of his way‚ because he was running for the tail board‚ making the truck every time.

Bill will be a legend for all future firefighters in Munhall‚ but to the members who knew him he will always be ‘Spence.’ We all know you’re looking down on us but remember Spence to watch over us and all who follow.