Timothy P. Smith

Timothy P. Smith

Tim passed away January 19, 2020, while returning from a call. His career started in 1984 as a volunteer, and he became fire marshal in 1989 at age 26. He spent his whole life in Orange, Connecticut and gave back to the community greatly. Tim’s passion was helping people, which he did for 30 years as fire marshal.

If you asked anyone in town about Tim Smith, they always had a story to tell. Whether he helped them stay up to code with their business, plowed snow off their driveway, or knew him as a close friend, they always had something great to say. You could walk into Tim’s office, and he’d stop what he was doing to listen to what you had to say, with a smile on his face. Tim had a contagious laugh and could light up a whole room with his quirky jokes and comments. He was passionate about making the town safer. He was one of the first firefighters in the area to be certified and implement a drone program for the community. With this, the fire department was able to get a better view of different building structures and help neighboring communities that did not have this program. At the end of the day, there is nothing Tim loved more than riding in a firetruck and being able to help somebody in a time of need.

Tim was a dedicated and loving father. There is nothing Tim wouldn’t do for his two daughters. He was constantly attending their sports games and hanging their artwork and pictures in his office. Anyone who had a conversation with Tim got to hear about his daughters. He was also a great friend. Tim made many great friends over his years as a firefighter and fisherman. He loved to talk tying flies in his free time and going out to Long Island Sound for some saltwater fishing. Tim and his buddies loved to travel all the way to Quebec for a quiet week on a lake full of fishing and fun times.

Tim was a talented, skilled woodworker. You could show him a picture of anything, and he would build it. He made many pieces of the furniture in his house. Friends often came by his office asking him to make pieces of furniture or toys for their children, and Tim agreed without hesitation.

Tim was just an amazing man. He was kind, dedicated, hardworking, and selfless. He was his daughters’ hero, and gave back to the community beyond words. In the end, Tim paid the ultimate sacrifice for his community and passed doing something he loved. His memory and the way he touched those of the community will always be in the hearts of those who knew him.