Robert J. Winner

Robert J. Winner‚ born on October 21‚ 1946‚ was known to many as a friend‚ an active member of his local community and reliable source in the firefighting industry. But most of all Robert was known as a dedicated family man‚ a loving husband to his wife Sally‚ and caring father to his son James.

On March 16‚ 2001 Robert left his business to answer a fire call in his own neighborhood. Just hours later‚ Robert left his family and fellow firefighters as he lost his life in the line of duty. Robert Winner committed his life to properly equipping fire departments in Western Pennsylvania with fire trucks and equipment through his own business‚ Win-Son Incorporated‚ for more than 30 years.

While Robert will forever be missed and loved by those he touched throughout his life‚ he will always be remembered as a man who dedicated and ultimately gave his life to the safety of others in need.