Joseph T. Grace

Joseph T. Grace

Submitted by Penny Grace

Following a busy shift on July 8 with the Mandeville Fire Department‚ Joseph Grace collapsed while at his second job as a paramedic the following day and died on July 10‚ 2009.

Joseph T. Grace was born on October 23‚ 1961‚ in New Orleans‚ son of the late Mary Elizabeth and Christopher Thomas Grace.

He married Penny Ryan Grace‚ and they had three children together‚ Taylor‚ Ryan‚ and Peyton Grace. He was a devoted husband and father‚ always involved in his children’s education‚ their sports‚ and their lives‚ whether it was throwing a ball‚ fishing‚ going to the movies‚ anything. He just loved being around his family all the time. He was always joking and had lots of energy. He loved his wife and kids very much‚ and everyone loved being around him. He was a happy person with lots of personality. Joseph never met a stranger. He was always willing to lend a helping hand‚ and nothing was ever too much for him. He loved doing new things around the house and beyond and had many dreams. Joseph was an avid New Orleans Saints fan‚ and we all loved going to the Saints games.

Joseph talked about being a firefighter. He was always helping people and always wanted to make it his life. So in 2001‚ Joseph got on with the St. Tammany Fire Department. He was so excited; his dream had come true. From the first day we met‚ he was always helping people‚ and he continued to do so with the fire department while also saving lives. He was then promoted to fire operator and went on to become a paramedic. He again was very excited and really knew this is what his purpose in life was. He was always willing to learn and keep learning. He was a wonderful‚ very genuine man‚ always with a smile.

We miss him so much. He is our angel. But we thank God every day for allowing this wonderful man to touch our lives and for the wonderful memories we have of him. God took Joseph‚ a beautiful man‚ a great package‚ the all around best. He will live forever in our hearts and lives. The best will be passed on to his wife and kids forever‚ and that best is Joseph T. Grace‚ forever thought about and missed.

Submitted by Lisa Grace

Joe Grace was blessed to have two families in his life. He had four children whom he loved and who loved him. At the time of his passing‚ David Joseph Grace‚ his first born son‚ was 20. David didn’t have a lot of time with his dad‚ but as you can imagine‚ David feels the loss of his dad very deeply. He is now 22 and still wondering what life would be like if his dad was still around. Joe loved David very much and‚ though circumstances kept them apart for a while‚ they were glad to have one another again‚ trying to rebuild that relationship when his dad passed away in July 2009. Like his father‚ David has never met a stranger. He can talk to anyone and loves being able to help those around him. He has a dynamic personality and has a way with others just like his dad did. He hopes to get a degree as an architect because he loves creating things.