Robert A. ‘Rob’ Griffin

Robert A. 'Rob' Griffin

Robert A. ‘Rob’ Griffin was a recent member of the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department. He died on March 13‚ 2004 at the age of 38 while training to become a firefighter in the Fireman I class.

Rob was very enthusiastic about his training. He enjoyed spending every moment he could at the firehouse learning and interacting with the other volunteers and firefighters. He was especially excited about a new truck‚ Squad 3‚ which Prospect had acquired just prior to Rob’s becoming a member of the Fire Department. He spent a lot of time working with the truck to become proficient in knowing it’s different components. In honor of Rob‚ the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department dedicated Squad 3 to Rob’s memory‚ having his name inscribed on either side of the truck. We‚ my daughters and I‚ fondly refer to it as ‘Daddy’s truck’.

Rob was born on January 12‚ 1966 in Milford‚ CT‚ son of George and Wendy Griffin of Prospect‚ CT. He was a former employee of SVG Lithography in Wilton‚ CT and a graduate of W.F. Kaynor Regional Vocational Technical School in Waterbury‚ CT. His hobbies included computers‚ cooking‚ and fishing. He was a member of the East Naugatuck Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Everyone liked Rob. He really cared about people and was very protective of his family. One icy day‚ not too long before he passed away‚ Rob and I were walking across an icy parking lot. Rob noticed an elderly man just ahead of us struggling to do the same. Leaving me behind‚ he kindly approached the man‚ offering to help him the rest of the way across the ice. Rob was just that kind of guy.

Rob was always willing to help others. He was very fond of his work as a minister‚ preaching and teaching from the Bible in the door-to-door work for which Jehovah’s Witnesses are known. He also loved to cook for people and he had a great sense of humor. He was very intelligent and always seemed to have a scientific answer to just about any question.

Besides his parents mentioned above‚ Rob is survived by myself‚ Petra‚ his wife of almost 12 years‚ his two daughters‚ Saige and Daizmin Griffin‚ and his two brothers Michael and Jeff Griffin.