Leadership So Everyone Goes Home – Perrysburg, OH

April 9, 2017, 8:00am – 12:00pm

Owens College – 30335 Oregon Rd., Perrysburg, OH
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This course is designed to assist in the reduction of LODDs utilizing a series of case studies. Each study will include what happened, why it happened, what could have avoided it, were safety measures available and used, and how can we prevent this in the future. The benefit of this program is the review of cultural change or adaptive challenge, rather than just enacting a technical fix, which in most cases does not work. Leadership So Everyone Goes Home is a four-hour program designed to assist the chief level officer to define the tools to identify:

  1. Issues that could lead to a line of duty death or serious injury,
  2. How the death/injury occurred,
  3. How it could have been prevented,
  4. What steps should a fire department take to reduce the possibility of experiencing this action and outcome

For more information please contact Rick Best.