December Remembrance Group

December 12, 2021, 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Monthly Remembrance Groups

We know that the anniversary of a loved one’s death often brings up a difficult mix of memories and emotions that results in a huge wave of grief. Even when many years have passed, marking that date each year can bring you back to how it felt at the very beginning. Many years ago, we started a Remembrance Card program to remind families that they and their firefighters are never forgotten. During the month of each firefighter’s death, family members receive special handwritten cards in honor of their firefighters. These cards are written not by the NFFF staff but by Fire Hero Family members who truly understand the depth of that loss and volunteer their time to make sure families know they are not alone.

To help support family members around the anniversary of their firefighters’ death, we host a virtual support group each month for families whose firefighter died during that month. The group is facilitated by Vickie Taylor, a licensed clinical social worker who has served as a NFFF behavioral health consultant since the Foundation was created in 1992.

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