Techniques to Manage Stress: Practical Applications Workshop (Cancelled)

June 8, 2020, 8:00pm – 9:30pm

We are pleased to announce an upcoming virtual workshop that will be hosted via Zoom. This workshop is open to family members of fallen firefighters; pre-registration is required.

If you feel like you could improve your stress, focus, resilience, or energy, this workshop is for you! Learn some relaxation, mindfulness, and peak performance techniques, figure out which ones suit you best, or resume practices you have done before. We will meet in a small group format to discuss, share, and learn together. The workshop will be led by Rita Neidich, MS, BCB, an occupational and sports psychology coach specializing in the fire service community. Based on feedback from a previous National Fallen Firefighters Foundation workshop, we will focus on connecting with one another, improving self-awareness, practicing relaxation and mindfulness exercises, and discussing practical applications.

You also have the opportunity to do individual coaching sessions with Rita Neidich, either before or after the workshop. This is an opportunity to really delve into building resilience in your current life circumstances, get personalized exercises and meditations, address goals, answer questions, and receive one-on-one support during this time. Sessions will be 50-minute long virtual sessions and scheduled on an individual basis to allow for some flexibility in timing.

Rita Neidich

About Rita Neidich, MS, BCB

Rita Neidich is an occupational and performance psychology coach, speaker and researcher who specializes in peak performance and sports psychology. She has spent over a decade coaching, consulting and researching optimal performance, occupational health, and sports psychology methodologies with a broad range of clients including corporate employees, FDNY firefighters, family members, military personnel, and performing artists. Her mission is to show and teach people that we have way more ability already in us than we ever thought possible.

To register for this workshop, please E-mail Erin at by Sunday, June 7, with the following information:

• Your name
• Your firefighter’s name
• Your relationship to the firefighter