Frequently Asked Questions

What time should the bells ring?

Bells can be rung at any time of the day. The bells at the Memorial Chapel will ring at approximately 10 am (EST) to begin the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. Different time zones, timing of local services and other factors play a role so you and your organization should decide what is best for your group.

Is there a program or script that we need to follow?

Work with their organization to decide what is best. Some suggested service ideas could include: a moment of silence, a brief prayer, a hymn, a bell toll by members of the fire department, or any combination of these.

My organization doesn’t have bells. What can we do instead?

You can still have a moment of silence, prayer, song or other form of remembrance during your event. You can also ring a ceremonial bell during the service if you have one. Work with your organization to decide what’s right for your event.

My church has multiple services on Sundays and can’t ring the bells at each one. Can we just ring the bells once?

Absolutely. You may want to have a moment of remembrance at each service and inform the congregants that the bells will ring in honor of the fallen firefighters at a certain time. Work with your clergy to decide what is best.

Do we have to ring the bells a certain number of times?

You can ring the bells in any manner.

I’m not affiliated with a fire department, can I still organize an event?

Yes, we want as many people as possible to show their respect for the nation’s fallen firefighters and their survivors. We invite fire departments, religious organizations, community groups, scouting groups, fraternal organizations, civic associations, and high school, college and recreational sports teams.

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