Homes Lighting Red for the Fallen

Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters at Your Home

Shine Your Light for Firefighters

Show your support for America’s fallen firefighters during the America’s Tribute to Fallen Firefighters by coordinating a Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters event at your home.

If you would like to participate in Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters please let us know on the Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters program participants form.


  • Brittly Burke
  • The Colbert (McCormick) Household


  • Deborah Allen Abrams
  • Fire Family Ladder Program/Lillie Vehling


  • Frank S. Brewer Jr.


  • The Cole Family
  • Rob Low
  • Pamela Reed
  • The Sargent Family


  • The Green Family


  • The Boyer Family
  • Donna Clark
  • Neil and Arlene Cohen
  • Jenni McClelland


  • The Gancarz Family
  • The Russell Family


  • The Peña Family

New Hampshire

  • Shannon Allain
  • Andrea & Chris Beaudoin
  • Skylor Beery & Christopher Yaeger
  • The Benwells
  • Joseph Benwell
  • Rose Benwell
  • Diana Bohrer
  • Crissy & Terry Coyman
  • Wayne & Sharlene DeMeule
  • K. DiRocco
  • Debbie Frawley Drake
  • John L. Drew, Jr.
  • Jean and Roger Fournier
  • Alyson and Brian Gammons
  • Paula & Bill Gile
  • The Goldthwaite Family
  • Greene Family (LFD)
  • Jason & Kaitlyn Haines
  • Wendy Hanley
  • Hewlett Family
  • Meg Jenkins
  • Dawn Marsh
  • Gayle Miller
  • Ann Mudgett
  • The Rideout Family
  • Kelsey Sewell and Brittney Loring
  • Irene Stinson
  • The Swenson Family

North Carolina

  • Mendy and Tori Page
  • Debi & Roger Powell
  • Barry, Debra, and Trevor Staton


  • Family of Scott Manes
  • Jeff and Debbie Scheer
  • The Schwartz Family


  • Lisa Bellmard
  • Firefighter Donald Hamer


  • The Lunsford Shaffer Family
  • Joe and Kelly Lynch
  • Marbaker Family


  • Cindy & Brian King
  • Barry and Meri Lyn Odell


  • Earnest and Linda Hamlett