Family Day

Family Day activities will take place at the Family Hotel and on the NETC Campus. We will provide bus transportation from the hotel complex.

Families are encouraged to participate in special sessions during Family Day.

Family Registration

If you did not register for the Weekend at your hotel, Registration will be open all day on campus so you can get information and your credentials for admission to all Weekend events and meals.

Morning Sessions

Groups are set up by your relationship to the firefighter so fathers meet with fathers, wives with wives, etc. There are groups and activities for elementary, middle, and high school ages. This is your time to share with others in similar situations.

Afternoon Activities

While you are on campus, you can sign the Remembering Banner, place a rose and light a candle in memory of your fallen firefighter at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel, or take a walk or tour around the beautiful campus.

The family of each fallen firefighter will have the opportunity to decorate a luminaria bag in honor of their fallen firefighter. These will be used in the evening Candlelight Service.

Red Helmets Ride

After lunch, you can watch the parade of bikers riding in tribute to the fallen firefighters. A brief wreath-laying service will take place at the national monument.

Family Dinner

At the end of the afternoon, you and your fire service escorts can relax at a family dinner.