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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Brian G. McAleese

From his mother:
Brian was a very compassionate person. He was a wonderful father and husband. He had many interests and had great panache and style. His most important charity was the MS Society. A short time before his death Brian was on a fishing trip with the MS Society; he is pictured right in front of the twin towers. He had time for everyone. He was always there for his father who died seven months before our own beautiful Brian was killed. They are now together in the Palm of His Hand.

From his wife:

Brian was a hero in everyday life. A hero throughout his life.

A New York City Firefighter‚ killed in the line of duty‚ September 11‚ 2001‚ at the World Trade Center.

Brian was a young‚ warm‚ kind-hearted‚ compassionate‚ vibrant‚ fun‚ loving‚ spirited‚ courageous‚ generous‚ adventurous and brave man.

Brian was also a father‚ husband‚ son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ cousin‚ in-law & friend.

Brian had a tremendous spirit and zest for life.

Brian always did things to help. Without fanfare or recognition.

Brian had hopes‚ dreams‚ meaning and life‚ a life full of infinite possibilities.

Who Brian was‚ and anything that Brian did‚ made a difference.

Brian knew that life was not a dress rehearsal; it is what we make of it.

Brian valued and treasured life.

Born in 1964‚ Brian was the son of Ann Marie and John J. McAleese. Brian was the brother of Kevin‚ Patricia‚ John & Maureen.

In January of 1994‚ Brian was appointed to the FDNY. In June of 1994‚ he married his long time companion‚ Dawn.

Between 1996 and 2001‚ Brian became a father‚ four times; a daughter‚ followed by three sons.

First born in 1996 – Brianne Marie‚ in 1997 – Jack Ryan‚ in 1999 – Liam Francis‚ and in 2001 – Aidan James.

Brian loved the ocean. He loved to travel. Brian was an adventurer.

Brian helped many people‚ whether he knew them or not‚ without question‚ without hesitation‚ in any way that he could. He was many things to many people.

Brian‚ as well‚ volunteered his time to the National MS Society‚ escorting people afflicted with the disease on various outings.

Brian was known for always – ‘doing the right thing.’

Brian enjoyed history‚ ice cream‚ ice-cold beer‚ fine wine‚ good food‚ a cigarette‚ coffee and conversation.

Brian lost the life he treasured‚ on September 11‚ 2001‚ at the age of 36.

Brian was our treasure. His life was taken far too early; a life that affected so very‚ very many lives.

His smile‚ his laugh‚ the band of kindness and compassion he brought with him wherever he went‚ all are forever missed.

Brian‚ the man‚ the person‚ the father‚ husband‚ son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ cousin‚ in-law‚ the everyday hero‚ the friend; lives forever in our hearts‚ will never be forgotten and will be‚ forever missed. Brian G. McAleese Brian was a very compassionate person. He was a wonderful father and husband. He had many interests and had great panache and style. His most important charity was the MS Society. A short time before his death Brian was on a fishing trip with the MS Society; he is pictured right in front of the twin towers. He had time for everyone. He was always there for his father who died seven months before our own beautiful Brian was killed. They are now together in the Palm of His Hand.

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  1. May your soul shine on!

    Love & light,

    Judy McAleese

    Toronto, Ontario

    – Judy McAleese
  2. I didn’t know Brian. I was working downtown on 911, near WTC. It was a frightening and devastating experience. I remain eternally grateful for Brian and all of the responders who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the safety of others.

    Today, I learned more about Brian’s selfless life. As a Baldwin resident, today, my son was awarded the Brian McAleese Memorial scholarship award. We proudly accept this high honor in Brian’s memory which has inspired my son to pay it forward. Your memory and heroic service lives on. Thank you

    – Yorel Levy
  3. I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Green Bay, Wisconsin 2015. I was given the firefighter Brain McAleese. I proudly climbed 110 stories for Brain and his sacrifice. Thank you Brain for your sacrifice. You have been a part of my family and my husband’s firefighter family for one year now and we promise to never forget. I climbed again today (9/10/16) in memory of your sacrifice.

    – Karen Irish
  4. Today in Anaheim, California at Disneyland. We are walking for our fallen Heros from 9/11. I was given Brian as my hero to walk for. Thank you Brian!!!

    – Tara Guillen
  5. Remembering Brian today, and praying for Dawn and his kids, and for the whole McAleese family as they mourn and remember the Salt and Light that Brian was to so many…

    Gene & Betty Egan and Family

    – Gene Egan
  6. When Brian was seven, I had the honor and blessing to be his second grade teacher. Brian was an energetic and fun loving child. He was well liked by all in his class for his great personality. Brian displayed so many of the characteristics that made him the hero he became. We will keep him forever in our prayers. God bless you Brian!

    – Diane McGuire
  7. Brian’s acts of kindness were a constant throughout his life. My father, Lt. John Baker – FDNY, died after a long debilitating illness. Brian found out that we wanted our Dad to be buried in a FDNY uniform. Without discussing it with anyone, Brian drove out to the funeral home in NJ and made the undertaker redress my father in a FDNY uniform. His acts of kindness that day meant the world to our family. He gave our father back the dignity he had lost from Alzheimer’s. We discovered it was Brian’s uniform after his death on 9/11.

    Catherine Baker Gillespie

    – Catherine Baker Gillespie
  8. I miss you every day little brother. There are no adequate words to describe how much life you crammed into 36 years. All you did for so many MS sufferers of all ages and all those others you helped when they needed it. More than 15 years ago and yet sometimes a sound , or a smell, and I’m still transported back to that day, and that pile, looking for you. There’s an emptiness we all live with since you left that will never be filled. Never ,…and I will NEVER FORGET you my brother.

    – Kevin McAleese
  9. I named my youngest son after Brian. He wants to be a fireman like his namesake. May my Brian Timothy MacAleese become half the man of his hero, Brian McAleese.

    – Greg MacAleese
  10. He is celebrated in Canada and forever in our hearts

    – Terry j mcaleese
  11. You were a great guy Brian. My dad Jim Espey said you were one of his best friends. I wish I could’ve met you.

    – Sean Espey
  12. Hello,
    My name is Missy and I am running a 5k for Brian tomorrow. It is an annual run called RUN FOR THE FALLEN in Kronenwetter WI. In remembrance of him and his life. God bless to all who love and miss him.


    – Melissa Pitzrick
  13. I am climbing the Richmond 2018 Memorial Stair Climb, and have the honor of representing Brian. I am proud to take such a wonderful person to the top with me today. His memory is not forgotten!
    FF Rusty Hart
    Mineral, VA

    – Rusty Hart
  14. Brian,
    Keeping our promise…We Will Never Forget…Took my sister to the memorial yesterday, 9/10/18. It was the first time she has come, even after living within an hour of your memorial her whole life. Only now was she ready to experience that day again. She lost other friends in the south tower, and we saw both their names with yours. She remembers how blue the sky was that day, and appreciated the wall of blue tiles that those that will never forget placed in honor of all that perished under that blue sky. We still pray over your family, for their protection and faith until they share your presence again in eternity!

    The Emerson Ave. Egans

    – Gene Egan
  15. This year I participated in McAllen, TX stair climb honoring the 343 Firefighters. I was surprised to finding out that I had honor to climb Mr. Brian McAleese for the second year in a row without requesting to. Thought this was unique since what are the odds of this happening. I climb this year again in your honor!

    – Gladis
  16. This year is the 18tj anniversary of 9/11. Brian, as well as the other 343 firefighters will never be forgotten. They will always be in our hearts.

    – lisa hopman, Quincy Fire Department, California
  17. Brian, as well as the other 343 firefighters who died on 9/11 will never be forgotten

    – Lisa Hopman Quincy Fire, Qincy, CA
  18. Today I climbed in Green Bay, Wi in honor of Brian and all of his fallen comrades! ❤️
    #neverforget #fdny226

    – Deb Murphy
  19. Saturday, Oct 12, 2019, I ran in my first Tunnel to Towers Run in Fort Worth, Texas and was honored to run with the Badge of Brian McAleese from ENG 226. #neverforget #fdny226

    – Cindy Calzada
  20. Brian and my parents were very close. My dad, Paul was childhood friends that grew up together in Baldwin. Brian was my sister’s godfather and I was 3 when Brian sacrificed his life and died a hero. It has always been my dream to follow his footsteps and carry his legacy. Since then I have become a firefighter with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and am currently a probie at Firehouse 1 downtown which is the busiest firehouse in the city. Brian McAlesse is the main reason I joined the fire service and I carry him in my heart with everything I do.

    – Eric Schultz
  21. Brian was my second cousin. His father was the son of my Fathers Sister , My aunt Jean McAleese . Aunt Jean was also My Godmother Brien was a great son to his mother and Father. He was a great loss to all of us… I am sure he is RIP..

    – Joan Law Naughton
  22. Remembering Brian today and every 9-11 and the selflessness and sacrifice that he made to help others without thinking twice about the risk to himself…..Brian McAleese — an American hero.
    Mara Kleinhardt Romano (BSHS ‘83)

    – Mara Kleinhardt Romano
  23. Today I participated in the 2021 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI and was given Firefighter Brian G. McAleese from Engine 226 badge to wear! I climbed 110 flights of stairs in honor of Brian’s heroism! When I got to the top, I rang that bell loudly saying his name. Thank you, Brian, for your sacrifice! May God bless your family!

    – Sheila Spindler
  24. From the comments I’ve read, Brian sounds like an amazing person. His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Sarah Albright
  25. M’y little grand son received an award from the Mcaleese family in honor of Brian 4 years ago for caring about his friend and making sure that they were ok.. I have never met Brian, but I always think about him and hope that his children are doing well 20 years later.

    – Jessy Trouillot
  26. This past Saturday I participated in my first Tunnel to Towers 5k, I selected Brian McAleese’s name and photo to wear attached to my shirt during the race. I choose him because his photo reminded me of my brother Captain Andy Willingham of Nashville Fire Department. During the run I thought of Brian and I prayed for his family. I just wanted to let his family know that 20 years later he is still remembered and he will always be a HERO.

    – Shawn Walker
  27. I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on 9/11/2021. I chose and wore Brian’s picture during the climb. I climbed because you (and many, many others) climbed. I feel honored to have walked in memory of Brian this year. We will never forget the sacrifice you made. Thank you!

    – Maddie
  28. I knew Brian for 28yrs before he passed. We play football together, the Baldwin Bombers. My father knew his father, his brother knew my brother. After H.S. we kept in touch played darts on the same team. I remember visiting him at the Firehouse on State Street. I could not imagine that that would be the last time I saw him. So many fond memories of a man that was and is larger than life. Until I see you again…

    Norman Sparks
  29. A great loss!

    My late brother James became familiar with our cousin’s family in West Palm Beach after his passing.

    Both died way too you and left great voids!

    JoDair McAleese
  30. On September 10, 2022 I got to Honor Brian as I did the 911 stair climb in Grand Rapids Michigan with my mom who is a Paramedic and Firefighter. Thank you for your sacrifice I’m 13 and hope to grow up and be just like you and my mom!

    – Luke Johnson
  31. I knew Brian from school and Baldwin Bombers. Every year I think of him and the other heroic people that gave it all to help others on this terrible day. The world needs more people like Brian and it is a richer place because of him. Let’s not forget our heroes, they don’t wear capes, they don’t seek glory. They just answer the call when people need help with unwavering dedication. I am honored to have known you as briefly as it may have been.

    – Sean
  32. I graduated High School with Brian in Baldwin 1983. Brian was bigger than life , but he always would take the time to say hello, that was just his style. He was a friend. He became a NYC Fire Fighter. I became a New York City Police Officer, then I became a Nassau County Police Officer. As a Sergeant I was assigned to the Communications Section and was working with Marge Ferraro on September 11, 2001, She was the mother of Kelly O’Neil another mutual friend of ours from Baldwin High School. Marge advised that Brian was lost. I will never forget that moment. My heart goes out to his whole family. We will never forget you. The world was a better place with you in it. I will see you again my friend . Dan McCarthy

    – daniel mccarthy
  33. My second grade teacher was Mrs. McAleese. I always remember she spoke about her brother in law who passed in 9/11. Rest in peace to Brian and God bless your family

    – Bria Williams
  34. Today, the 23 anniversary of 9/11, several members of my police department and I participated in the stair climb at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. I was given Firefighter Brian McAleese as the hero I was climbing for. Brian, your selfless act of bravery that day will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten. I never had the privilege of knowing you, but reading about how loved and respected you were by so many speaks volumes of the man you were. May you forever rest in peace.

    – Melanie
  35. I worked at Engine 226 in Brooklyn with Brian. He was a great friend, miss him every day. Heartwarming to see these posts from family, friends and inspired strangers. NEVER FORGET

    – Pete Culkin