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Charles A. Zachary

Charles A. Zachary

  • Private
  • Memphis Fire Department
  • Tennessee
  • Age: 39
  • Year of Death: 2003

Submitted by his wife

Chuck Zachary was a tough firefighter. He rode as Pvt. out of station 31’s on E31. Chuck or ‘Zach’ as most of the guys called him died June 16th‚ 2003 while responding to the Family Dollar Father’s Day fire in Memphis.

Chuck had been with the department for 19 years. He loved God‚ his job and his family as well as his little pug dog‚ Misty. Wherever he was‚ she was.

Chuck will always be remembered by the pranks he loved playing on fellow firefighters at the engine house. The classic one being the kool-aid in a fellow firefighters’ turnout boots. Of course‚ after they made a fire and got back to the engine house the firefighter was astonished how red his feet were. Anyway‚ that poor guys feet stayed red for about 3 weeks!

He had a few friends he adored. One being fellow FF Lt. Mike Shelton with whom he loved playing golf with. Neither one of them was very good at it‚ but they enjoyed the friendship they shared. Also Chief Fred Steward‚ whom he loved playing hand ball with and cooking rice krispie treats for. I could go on and on about special friends of his. If you were a true friend of his‚ you knew it.

Chuck played football in high school for Millington Central as a tight end. A couple of his proud moments was he helped his team win the Civitan Bowl his senior year‚ 1981. He was really proud when he graduated from Marine Corp. bootcamp and finished out his time in the Tennessee National Guard.

Chuck and his wife Frances were married for 13 years. We didn’t have just a marriage‚ we were best friends as well. He talked me into start fishing with him ‚ which was fine but actually we just enjoyed spending time together. He also loved deer hunting. (I refused to get out in the cold and climb a tree.) His 9 point buck still hangs on the wall along side his stepson’s 8 point. He loved my children from a previous marriage; Sabrina age 26 and DJ age 23 just like they were his own. I could not have found a better man to help guide and teach my children about life. He is also survived by his father; Everett; retired Lt. from the Memphis Fire dept.‚ mother Nancy both of Ripley‚ Tn. brother Bill and his wife Tiffany ‚ of Olive Branch‚ Ms. and lots of nieces and nephews.

Chuck will always be missed and remembered by his friends and family and forever in all of our hearts.

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