#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
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Age: 58
Year of Death: 1999

Dan O’Connell

Dan O’Connell a volunteer with the Putnam Lake Fire Department died on January 25‚ 1999‚ after suffering a heart attack at the scene of a structure fire 17 days earlier. A former Marine‚ he was a lifetime member of the department and served as an officer for 23 years‚ including three years as chief. His son Jim also served as chief‚ the first father and son chief combination in the department’s history. Jim died in an automobile accident six months before his father’s death.

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  1. Still missing you; always missing you; all my love until we meet again.

    – Joan O'Connell
  2. Wish you were here Uncle Dan! We miss you.

    – Kellyann
  3. Dan, You and Joan are our best friends. We miss you and wish you were still with us. We had some great times together.

    – Charlotte & Tom Conrad
  4. Dan, You know I miss you. You were so good to me. Thank you for sending me Seamus Daniel! I know you hand picked him for me. Thanks for always being my best boss. I love you, but–remember–I WILL YANK out any earring I find in your ears!! Please get my hardroll and orange juice ready for our meeting in Heaven. God Bless you. I love you! Tara, Kid

    – Tara- Kid
  5. My dear brother Dan, I love and miss you very much. I cherish the many fond memories I have of us growing up and protecting each other. Your spirit is always with me.

    – Connie
  6. Merry Christmas

    – Joan O'Connell
  7. Miss you very much Uncle Dan. Merry Christmas.

    – Catherine Casey
  8. SEMPER FI – Danny. Always faithful to your family and friends.

    – Thomas Mcenery
  9. Hey Dad, You would never believe where I wound up in life. I am doing great – everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Just wish you were here to see it. I am O.K. LOVE, Danny

    – Danny
  10. Hey Grandpa, Miss ya lots. You’re the best Grandpa a girl could ask for! xoxo~Kelly

    – Kelly
  11. To my Uncle, Dad and Godfather, I miss you, but don’t worry – you have given me the gift of making a good cup of coffee, so Aunt Joan is in good hands. No biting your nails in Heaven!! Love, Michael

    – Michael
  12. Hey

    – Kelly OConnell
  13. Miss you so much! Tomorrow Danny, Brian and our grandchildren will all be together for Christmas Day. Wish you were here. Hey, our grandchildren are GREAT! Watch over them every day. Give our son, Jim, a kiss for me and have a Merry Christmas with Jim and our Lord.

    – Joan
  14. Semper Fi !!! Hey Dad, Merry Christmas! I am still doing good. Thought you would like the Eagle Globe and Anchor for Christmas… Love You, Danny

    – Dan Oconnell Jr
  15. Together forever here and in eternity. I loved you then and I love you even more today. ~ Joan

    – Joan
  16. Hi Dan. I’m sure Denis is up there with you swapping Marine and Fire stories. Merry Christmas. Love and miss ya.

    – Sugrue Family
  17. Danny – If there are cars in heaven, don

    – Tom Mcenery
  18. Merry Christmas Grandpa “2008”

    – Kelly, Sean, Jake, Jesse, Kiernan
  19. Merry Christmas, Grandpa. Do you get presents for Christmas in heaven? We really miss you and want you to come back. Love, Jake & Jesse

    – Jake & Jesse O'Connell
  20. Thinking of you today. Miss you xox

    – Tara
  21. Hi Babe, I’m getting ready to retire and I’m thinking about how much more fun this would have been planning it with you. We had wonderful plans to retire and live in our beach house in Emerald Isle, NC. Danny and 2 of our grandsons now live 3 miles from our beach house! Brian and his family go down every year too. I’m miss you so much that I can’t describe it in words. Help me out with the planning because I still have to figure out if I stay in the house in NY or move to the beach in NC. We have sons and grandchildren in both states. So, Help Me Out with this, OK? I love you with an everlasting love and wish you were here with me.

    – Joan
  22. Hey Dad what’s Up.
    I am just an hour away . If the Monument is open when Sean is done at his College Lacrosse Showcase I will swing by so he can check out the monument. Things are good I work on Camp Lejuene and every single time I pass through the gate I think of you

    Love Danny

    – Danny