Roll of Honor

Durrell 'Bronko' Pearsall

Durrell ‘Bronko’ Pearsall

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 34
  • Year of Death: 2001

Durrell ‘Bronko’ Pearsall‚ age 34‚ was a member of the New York Fire Department’s Rescue 4 in Queens. From an early age‚ he dreamed of becoming a fireman. ‘Bronko‚’ following in his father’s footsteps‚ began his firefighting career as a volunteer with Hempstead Fire Department on Long Island. He received numerous commendations and two Medals of Valor. He was also a Nassau fire educator. Durrell joined the FDNY in 1993‚ a member of Squad 1 and then Rescue 4. He was preparing for his next goal‚ a lieutenant in the FDNY. He pursued several personal interests within the department.

He was active as a member and co-captain of ‘The Bravest Football Club‚’ gaining experience with his college team at C.W. Post. His love for football extended outside the department as well‚ as he was a devoted fan of Notre Dame football.

Fiercely proud of his Irish heritage‚ ‘Bronko’ played the snare drum in the FDNY’s Emerald Society Pipe and Drums. All members of the band gathered outside his funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to ‘pipe him to Heaven.’

‘Bronko’ was passionate in his love for his job and his ‘brothers’ in the FDNY. He was finishing his shift the morning of September 11‚ 2001‚ when the call came about the WTC. Without hesitation he volunteered to respond‚ along with several others from his firehouse. He is remembered for his zest for life and his comical personality. ‘Bronko’ will be forever remembered by his countless friends. An only child‚ he was predeceased by his parents. He is dearly missed by his six surviving cousins.

Jennifer Gregoline

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Memorial Wall

  1. R.I.P. Bronko…your “Pop goes the Weasel” and “Blind folded sit-ups” will be missed at Victory Engine #4. You were a great Firefighter and an even greater friend.

    – William Herrera
  2. Bronco was my roommate at vfma greatly missed

    – Todd miller
  3. Today, in Colorado, I was blessed to climb for Durrell. I am honored to have been a part of this tremendous tribute. I wore his tag,with his picture and full name. He will never be forgotten. ♡

    – Laura Rae
  4. I climbed for Durrell in Wisconsin, 09-10-2016. I will never forget him!

    – Michael Yanacek
  5. I climbed with Durrell at the Colorado 9/11 stair climb at Red Rocks 9-11-16 I will keep him with me all year and climb with him and another hero next year.

    – Sandy Virden
  6. we just sponsored a flag in the healing field project in hanover pa for the 15 year anniversary of the tragedy of 911 for “Bronko”. we are proud to have been assigned his name and are truly thankful for his sacrifice. your name lives on

    – bill and lorie wagaman
  7. It was my honor to climb for Durrell at the Indianapolis FDIC show memorial climb last week (4/28/17). I stood over the table of badges and that beautiful smile captivated me! I promise to never forget your sacrifice on 9/11. When I climb next year I will carry you with me again! May you R.I.P.

    Claire Parrott
  8. I had the honor of climbing for Durrell at the Clayton memorial stair climb 2017 on 9/10/17. R.I.P. It was an honor to climb for you.

    – Mackenzie
  9. Bronko was a man of great integrity and the biggest heart. A true hero!! It is a privilege and honor to have known him.

    – David Essex
  10. I had the honor to climb today for Durrell. (09/16/17) At Lambeau field in Green Bay Wisconsin. I will climb for you and another hero next year. Thank you for all you did. Rest in Paradise.

    – Savannah
  11. When I first walked into my Football training camp dorm room at Marist College I saw this bull of a man with a Mohawk and was like OMG.. I am so grateful to have you as a friend in my life as well as so blessed to have known a true HERO !! Your heart was as large as your strength !!

    – Paul
  12. I was honored to climb for Durrell at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI, today 9-22-18. I rang the bell loudly for you, and pray for the souls of you and all who gave their all on 9/11. Thank you – you are not forgotten.

    – Merisue Krenke
  13. Today, 9/7/19, I participated in the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Bronco’s memory. I am sure he would have loved to have seen Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI, which is where I attempted to honor his memory. I rang the bell in his honor at the 25 yard line of Lambeau. I yelled his name out as I rang the bell. I know he heard me in heaven, as my Green Bay Packer fan volume was turned up for him. God bless you. Rest In Peace. I am honored to have represented you today. Linda

    – Linda
  14. I had the privilege of climbing for Durrell Pearsall at the Nashville TN stair climb 2019. His sacrifice will not be forgotten. Thank you.

    – Chris Britton
  15. Durrell was in the same squad as I was while I was a volunteer probationary firefighter in Hempstead, NY. Durrell took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of he job. He was always ready to assist and support his fellow brothers and sisters in the department. May he forever be resting in peace. You are deeply missed. FDNY/HFD

    – Robin L. H
  16. Todd Miller broncos plead brother at vfma I wrestled 98 and he was pg roommate protected me awesome human being! We looked very funny standing next to each other !
    I still feel protected! Miller

    – Todd
  17. Today 9-12-20 I had the honor to climb for Durrell at the Bristol Motor Speedway. God bless there souls and families for what they have been through. R.I.P brother we still got it here for all of you.

    – Matthew Russell
  18. I still cry for you…. even tonight…

    – Mike Olesnevich