Roll of Honor

Edward J. Marbet

Edward J. Marbet

  • Firefighter
  • Burlington Township Fire Department
  • New Jersey
  • Age: 31
  • Year of Death: 2006

Ed’s introduction to the fire service was during his high school years just hanging around the fire station. He first joined his hometown volunteer department – Independent 301 – in Burlington Township. This part of his life was a passion‚ which led him to serve fourteen years coinciding with various fire departments such as Young America/ BCFD and Mitchell/BCFD. Ed’s accomplishments were BTFD Unit Citation Rescue in 2000‚ BTFD Independent Lieutenant in 2001 & 2005‚ and BTFD Top Ten Responder for 2004.

Ed was an avid sports person. He played football‚ basketball‚ wrestling‚ track and baseball throughout high school and continued on. At an early age Ed knew he wanted to become involved in Mortuary Science. In 1986 losing his sister‚ Jeannette at age 16‚ to cancer was a big influence. Ed pursued his education in this field both away from home and locally. Ed became involved with a local funeral home and started his own Limo service passions‚ which flourished too. It would be a sight to see Ed come in and out of the house‚ fire dept. or any event in a suit; sports wear or fire gear regularly. Ed was the modern ‘Superman’ changing his many hats he chose to take on day in and day out. Passion for people and the opportunity to do for others is what made Ed a valuable resource. The ‘Big Teddy Bear’ as many referred to him who was always there for anyone at any time. Ed had a great sense of humor‚ which gave him a wonderful persona.

Ed would often be found helping the Ladies Auxiliary‚ which his mother‚ Joan‚ was a member of. He would have music blasting‚ broom in hand and away he went twisting and singing giving everyone around a cheerful rise. He was a devoted son‚ brother‚ uncle and friend. In 2001‚ Ed’s mom has passed away and once again he was the hero to the rescue. He was there at her last breath and there to see all arrangements were perfectly completed to give a ‘Loving Mother’ a well befitting tribute. This was a time in which air was taken out of Ed’s so ever giving sails. He needed to step back and regroup; with family and friends Ed kept his passions alive and fruitful. Ed and his father‚ Charles Marbet‚ were left to be bachelors and build upon an already strong father and son bond.

Ed was involved in many of the department’s venues where children were involved such as Fire Prevention Weeks at school‚ Operation Santa Rides and Safety Classes. Children were always a soft spot in his heart. Although Ed never got to marry‚ he was Godfather to many and Uncle to three special children – Carl Eckhardt‚ Jeannette Eckhardt and Josette Eckhardt of his sister‚ Donnamarie Eckhardt.

Ed will forever shine in our hearts and memories. His ever presence will always be missed and remembered.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Dear Ed, Just wanted to say I miss you and think about you every day. I knew you for over 12 years. I haven’t fought a fire since your death. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that again. I miss you…….

    – Kenneth Erlenbusch