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Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

Gary P. Geidel

Gary P. Geidel‚ 44‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 1. Geidel‚ a Staten Island resident‚ is survived by his wife of 15 years and their daughter. The Staten Island firefighter died two weeks before his scheduled retirement.

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  1. I had the honor of carrying this man in 2016 during a memorial stair climb.
    Although I never knew him, he is forever in my heart.
    I will never forget!

    – Darla Springs
  2. My Father served in the Marines with Gary’s brother Ralph. Mr Geidel you are an inspiration for me to continue my families work as Firefighters. God bless you sir

    – Daniel Capote
  3. Today I had the honor of carrying this mans ID badge for the 9/11 fire fighter stair climb in Columbus Ohio Never forgotten 243

    – Jarrad Reese
  4. Had the pleasure of running for this hero and carrying his badge with me-
    San Diego 9/11 memorial stair climb.
    A million times- thank you and to his family- comfort and love for your loss.

    – katie hill
  5. Today I had the privilege of carrying a memorial badge for Gary during the Run for The Fallen 10K in Wisconsin. You are not forgotten Gary. God Bless!

    – Ron Hahn
  6. 9/18/2018
    I had the honor of wear this firefighters badge as I did the 9/11 memorial climb in Green Bay, WI
    This was my first time doing this climb.
    I was so amazed by the out pouring of love at this event.
    May God bless all the families.

    – Kim Petrich
  7. Hello, I’m Gary’s daughter Tillie. I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for climbing in honor of my Daddy xo

    Mathilda Conklin
  8. 18 years? It doesn’t feel real. The last time I saw my Dad he was leaving for work the morning of 9/11. I usually wasn’t awake when he left for work but that morning I was. He hugged and kissed my Mom and I goodbye from the stoop and he walked to the gate then looked back at us and turned around hugged and kissed us goodbye again. We watched him get in his van and drive away. Later that day I was sitting in my classroom and all the kids around me were being called down to the office. I was wondering why then my name was called. (I thought I was going camping) when I got down the stairs I saw mothers packed in the hallway all the way to the office. I looked around for my Mom for a second then she grabbed me hysterical and pulled out of the school. We got in my Aunt Martha’s car and went down to her house. (she lived across the street from me) We were standing in her livingroom with my Oma and cousin Peter when I saw the replay of the wtc being hit for the first time. I gathered what was going on from everyone freaking out but I didn’t believe my Dad wasn’t coming home. That was the first time I got a panic attack. My Mom, Oma and I had to walk up and down the block bc we couldn’t breathe. People were in and out of my house all day. That night the neighborhood got together and we lit candles in the street outside of my house. After a while I was laying in my parents bed with my Oma when we heard a car pull up. We went to the window and it was a cop car (my Aunt Boog) my Mom ran to her and they hugged. She was a NYC cop at the time, she was there when the towers were hit but thankfully didn’t end up in the towers.There were people in and out of our house everyday for months. This kind hearted fireman would bring us food every single day. Everyday, a few times a day, my Mom and I would get down on our knees, lean on the ottoman, and beg God to bring my Dad home and for him to somehow find water to be able to survive. Never in my wildest dreams would I think my Dad would be killed by terrorists. I miss you more than words can say. 9/11 is the worst day of my life but I also live with it everyday. I hope the families find comfort today and I thank the people who searched for my Dado

    Tillie Geidel Conklin
  9. Missing you so much. With all of this craziness going on in the world right now I just really need you by my side. I love you very much my Dado.

    Love always your Do

    Tillie Geidel Conklin
  10. Just a regular Monday doing a CrossFit Gary Geisel in the basement. So grateful for Gary’s bravery and to share an American heritage with this hero.

    – Nathan Bobbin
  11. I’m a nurse in Illinois and have had the honor of carrying Gary’s name with me today while I take care of my patients. Although I’m not participating in a memorial climb/walk today I still wanted to remember the men and women such as Gary for playing a special part of my freedom. Thank you for being brave Gary.

    – Carma Love
  12. I had the honour of carrying this mans badge today in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada for 20th memorial stair climb. We will never forget!

    Gabi Knight
  13. Gary was the first card that I took on the first round of the stair climb. I took him to the top every round after that with many more men who I got the honor of carrying. This was my first stair climb and it won’t be my last. To be able to get a glimpse of what our brave men and women went through was special and an unforgettable memory. I feel proud to be following in the footsteps of our brave first responders. Thank you for taking me to the top, Gary. Thank you for giving me something to work for and be proud of.
    -Shoshone County Fire District One volunteer firefighter, Keturah Beaudoin.

    – Keturah Beaudoin
  14. It was my honor and privilege to do the 20th Anniversary Memorial Stairclimb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Joel Benson
  15. First time doing the 9/11 memorial climb at Red Rocks (Colorado) and have the honor of Gary’s badge.

    – Jack Schneider
  16. 3 years ago I was assigned Firefighter Gary P Geidel to honor with “A run to remember” race event for 9/11. The race was held virtually at that time. Last I ran a half marathon but still carried his name with me. At mile 9.11 I stopped to honor him. This year 2022 I did the Stair Climb 110 flights of stairs. As well as 9.11 miles with his name pinned to me.

    I began my EMT career 21 years ago, just 5 months before this horrific historical event.

    Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. Running in while everyone was running out of the building.

    – Lani Allenegui
  17. Today I had the honor of carrying a memorial badge for this man during the Tunnel of Towers 5K in Swansboro NC. Gary is a hero, His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Brittany odum
  18. I have reached out to his daughter to walk in his memory for the stair climb in April. Cannot wait to do this very honored.

    – Ryan Palazotto
  19. Today, 9/11/23 there was a 21 mile “March to the Arch” as a memorial to the lost lives on 9/11/2001. The organizers printed badges with picture, name of firefighters who ran into danger to save lives and lost theirs. I randomly selected Gary Geidel. My heart breaks each year for the young lives lost and their family. Never forget!❤️❤️❤️

    – Linda Cantrell (St. Louis, MO)