Roll of Honor

Henry D. Hobbs Jr.

Henry D. Hobbs Jr.

  • Senior Forest Ranger
  • Florida Division of Forestry
  • Florida
  • Age: 38
  • Year of Death: 2005

Submitted by his wife

Henry was a very friendly man and loved by all the people he met. Dedicated husband for 14 years of marriage. A firm worker for 17 years with the Division of Forestry in Hilliard‚ Florida. He loved life and lived it to the fullest by getting involved in football‚ weightlifting and track. He also coached JV football.

While working with the Division of Forestry‚ he traveled to North and South Dakota‚ Montana‚ Wyoming and Colorado to help with wildfires. He also worked with the recovery team of the space shuttle in Texas. While in Arizona‚ Henry worked with the Cherokee Indians. He completed various courses in Forestry to further his education. Henry loved being outdoors – fishing and hunting were just a few hobbies he enjoyed. Being a Forestry Fire Fighter was his way to care for the earth. Nature was his way of living.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Many day have went bye that I have not shead not one tear. As nights go by and I close my eyes all I see is your smiling face telling me not to cry no more. Uncle I wish you were still here but I know in the sprit that you are still here and you will always be here. Today it has been 3 yrs. that you have been gone from my presence and there is no way that I will ever forget you. ‘A GOLDEN HEART STOPPED BEATING A DETERMINED SPRIT NOW LAYS TO REST GOD BROKE OURS HEARTS TO PROVE HE ONLY TAKES THE BEST’ Unc I love you and I relly do miss you. tell G.G. that I said happy b-day and that I miss her too. love always your niece Natasha

    – Natasha N. Hobbs