Roll of Honor

James C. 'Jimmy' Webb Jr.

James C. ‘Jimmy’ Webb Jr.

  • Assistant Chief
  • Bynum Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mississippi
  • Age: 41
  • Year of Death: 2005

Submitted by his wife

James C. ‘Jimmy’ Webb‚ Jr. was a firefighter for Bynum for eight years. There is a lot to be said about Jimmy and his involvement‚ not only with the fire department‚ but with church and family. If I was to highlight the years I spent with him it could only be summed in these few words‚ ‘The things he did‚ he did so others may live.’

I married Jimmy in February 2001. We had two boys‚ Caleb‚ 11‚ and Blake‚ 4. And in those short years together‚ his stepson found a father who instilled values into him and his son found an idol. I found a man who was more than a husband; he was a best friend‚ a lover‚ the true half of my soul.

In a brief summary‚ Jimmy joined Bynum in 1997 and graduated from the Mississippi State Fire Academy in 1998. At the time he was #919. He became a certified Emergency Medical Responder in 2000 that eventually lead him to truck/station captain. Then in 2005 he was elected as Assistant Fire Chief‚ #902‚ for Bynum Volunteer Fire Department. This was his calling and he went forth with a fervor that had everyone else being swept along in his wake.

His dedication did not stop with the fire department; he loved his church family and for a while lead the evening devotions at our church. His favorite subject? Daniel 3: 19-25‚ ‘The fourth Man in the Fire’. He loved his family. Everything he did‚ he did with his family in mind. It was not unusual for him to drop anything at a moment’s notice to help family and friends. And it was not unusual to find him with his wife and children at Enid Lake fishing; which was another love he instilled in not only his sons‚ but me‚ also. Jimmy once told me before we married that he knew when it was time for him to be called home‚ it would be while he was ‘doing God’s calling’. On November 5‚ 2005‚ when the tone sounded and he responded in his favorite truck‚ Tanker 95‚ to a structure fire with entrapment is a day that will forever be emblazoned in our memories and a scar upon our hearts. Jimmy was the epitome of firefighting‚ the epitome of a hero. Not because he gave his life doing a job that helped so many people‚ but because he was a man who gave so much and ask for nothing but a smile in return. He is not here with us right now‚ but his love and memory lives forever.

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