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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 17
Year of Death: 2002

Jason Jackson Hampton

Submitted by his mother

My heart took delight in all my work‚ and this was the reward for all my labor. Ecclesiastes 2:10b‚ NIV Devotional Bible.

A hero is defined as a man of distinguished valor; one consisting of bravery and courage. Jason Kevin Jackson‚ 17 year old volunteer firefighter‚ who died while enroute to a brush fire‚ was all these things and more.

Jason Kevin Jackson‚ a native of New Orleans‚ Louisiana‚ served as an Almaville Volunteer Firefighter. He did so in an attempt to help keep his community safe. Dan Whittle‚ of Rutherford Courier states it best when writing‚ ‘at age 17‚ his life’s flame was snuffed-out‚ but his touch of volunteer public service will forever light his community’s landscape.’

Jason was a graduate of Smyrna High School of Tennessee’s class of 2002. Jason was not the typical graduating Senior‚ however‚ he yearned to do a variety of tasks in a short period of time. He was a member of the 304th Military Police Battalion‚ the 450th Military Police Company‚ a trained firefighter‚ as listed above‚ a second Lieutenant in the ROTC‚ and was enlisted in the United States Armed Forces. Jason lived by the familiar phrase‚ ‘If I can help somebody as I pass along‚ then my living shall not be in vain.’

Jason’s time and love was spread amongst all whom he met. While in New Orleans‚ La.‚ he volunteered as a camp counselor in an attempt to touch at least one child’s life. He continued to reach out to children as he grew older as well. Jason understood that children are our future and sometimes they simply need a boost in the right direction.

Jason was a family-oriented individual. He would do anything within his limits. He was selfless‚ loving and considerate of all he made contact with. However‚ there was yet more to Jason Jackson. He was also a joy to be around. He always had a smile on his face and was willing and able to make others smile as well.

Jason would share the good times with a smile that’s always warm and bright; his care and assurance would make everything all right. No matter what the need‚ he would do the best to lend a hand. He would listen with the concern that showed he understood. He could not be more caring in the things he would say and do. LIFE IS RICH IN ENDLESS WAYS–JASON‚ ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.

Submitted by his Fire Chief

Having been with us only 2 years‚ Jason touched the lives and hearts of many people. As a devoted brother and son‚ he was involved in numerous activities at Smyrna High including music‚ honors and sports before his graduation in 2002.

Jason was to report for military duty with US Army in only 3 weeks. His three vital interest were his mom/brother‚ the fire department and the military. Jason loved the fire department‚ so much he would come hang out at the station while on his lunch break. He was so prone to learning all he could about the fire apparatus and equipment.

Jason left behind his mother‚ older brother‚ younger sister and a baby brother. His favorite meal was any combo meal from McDonalds. He is our personal hero‚ a friend and dedicated member and will be considered our brother whom gave it all!

Chief Capps

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  1. I will never forget you brother. I still miss you like it was yesterday.

    – Reeves
  2. Hi, I am Valarie Gibson and I would like to let all his beloved know how much he affected my life, made me smile, showed his kindness, was an awesome friend and helped me with my math work and helped me graduate at Smyrna High School. I was considered a freak, goth chick that no one would talk to or help. Jason sat next to me senior year math class and would take the time to help me figure out my problems. He also was very witty, intelligent, compassionate and accepted me as a person not a label. Jason was always kind, funny, helpful, and a kindred spirit. I will always remember him and am honoured that our paths crossed. I believe he was an Earth Angel, because he put himself aside to help anyone in need. He always cheered me up and made me believe in myself. He never judged me. He is a beautiful, kind, strong, and loving person. I am forever grateful for God putting me in my life and all the great time I got to spend with him. I was present at his ceremony because I made my mom take me there because he meant so much to me and left this world so tragically. He was one of the good ones that God took to early. He spent all his time here on Earth spreading love and light. Jason will be remembered always and forever. Thank you Jason, for being you. You are always in my heart, and I am grateful that God sent you to me. I believe we never really die, I know you are watching over you loved ones all the time. Love you buddy, thanks for everything. Amen.
    Sending all my love and prayers to all of Jason’s family and all his beloved. Love, Valarie Gibson

    – Valaurie Gibson
  3. As this year marked to 20th anniversary of 9-11 it also brought back the day we lost one of our own. Jason, I often think of you my Brother. I have so many memories of our times at the firehouse. From the Mc D’s French fries to “Jason did you walk in white paint?!” Of course anyone who ever worked a shift with you will understand the “JASON, turn down the scanner man, we’re trying to sleep!” I can remember well you laying in the bunk with one earbud in listening away with a smile.

    It was an honor to have served with you. It was an honor to have called you my friend and an even bigger honor to have called you my brother. I remember your last ride as it was yesterday. As a pallbearer, I had the honor of riding with you one more time. I can still see the faces of those we past, lining the roadways. I can still hear the “Q” of that old engine as we carried you on your final ride and sounds of the pipes as you were laid to rest.

    Know that you forever made a mark in many, including me. There will always be a special spot for you in my heart and know that your spirit still fills Engine 15’s house!


    – Curtis