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Age: 55
Year of Death: 2009

Joan Daley

Firefighter Daley was an amazing woman. She was hired by the FDNY in 1982, as one of the first females in the department. She served her community and made sure to keep her neighbors safe. She was not only a role model for women, she was a hero for those who felt they didn’t belong.

Firefighter Daley was a single mother to two beautiful daughters, Joanna and Arlene. She raised them to be hardworking women, while she worked a career full of challenges and difficulties.

In 2001, when the Twin Towers fell, Firefighter Daley participated in the recovery efforts. Sadly, it was these long days that would cause her to become ill and ultimately pass away from cancer. In a career that is dominated by men, Firefighter Daley broke ground until her retirement in 2009.

Even though she is physically gone, her memory lives on in her daughters. It is because of her strength and fight that her daughters have careers of service and dedication to their community. In 2006, Joanna became a New York City police officer, and in 2021 she was promoted to detective. Arlene would also follow a path of service, enlisting into the Navy after graduating from Binghamton University in 2016. She continues to thrive in the military as an engineer, protecting the seas and coasts of the world. Firefighter Daley would also have an amazing grandson, Kyle. Although he was born in 2016, long after her passing, he has her personality and spunk.

In addition to her daughters and grandson, Firefighter Daley was survived by her sister and best friend, Joann; five brothers, Keith, Mark, Glen, John and Earl; and several nieces and nephews. We may not have her physically, but her legacy definitely lives on. Firefighter Daley was such a humble and dedicated woman to her loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Although she is missed dearly, we know that her groundbreaking work and service still live on.

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  1. I would imagine that far different than today, it was certainly more of a sacrifice, of voluntary hardship, to be amongst the 1st women on this job. Meaning giving up so much more and enduring so much more, than you gain. Almost everyone being against you.

    People can’t imagine how much courage, how much strength. Thank you for your service. For what you gave, to pave a way…for rights, for what’s right, for real freedom.

    – Fredrick Whynn
  2. This is awesome and inspiring.

    She may be gone but what she left her imprint in her daughter I know Joanna personally and she is absolutely amazing.

    Love ya

    – Dorian Thompson
  3. Mommy we love you! We miss you every day! Love always, Joanna and Arlene…and your grandson Kyle!

    – Joanna