Roll of Honor

Loretta A. “Lorrie” Sykes

Loretta A. “Lorrie” Sykes

  • Firefighter
  • Sumrall Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mississippi
  • Age: 53
  • Year of Death: 2017

Loretta A. “Lorrie” Sykes was born February 21, 1964. She dedicated her life to service and died serving others on March 15, 2017. She was a mother of two and a grandmother of ten.

Lorrie was a core part of the community and loved helping others. She showed the same love to the community that she shared with her family. She would go out of her way to make people feel better, often giving away handmade crocheted items. She loved seeing people smile and always felt the need to help.

At an early age she started her service to the community with mission work through her high school. She had a number of hobbies, including motorcycles, and she had training as a mechanic. She also enjoyed crochet and music. She played clarinet in the band for her high school and loved to teach her grandkids how to play.

She had a number of certificates from training that she received through the fire department.

She was loved dearly and is missed every day. She was a simple woman who loved riding the back roads and listening to music, mostly country and gospel. She would put on an Elvis CD and sing her heart out.

Her favorite thing to recite was Psalm 23; it inspired her, and she loved to share that inspiration with others.

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