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Robert William “Bob” Fogle III

Robert William “Bob” Fogle III

  • Fire Apparatus Driver Operator
  • Baltimore County Fire Department
  • Maryland
  • Age: 58
  • Year of Death: 2014

In his 58 years of life, Robert “Bob” touched many lives through various aspects of his life. He was a gifted, self-taught, “play by ear” musician and singer, having a special fondness for bluegrass music. He passed on to his son and daughter the love of music and the talent to coax out the soul of an instrument. Woodworking, artistic creativity, patience to achieve perfection, and a vision to see a project complete before it was started, resulted in numerous creations. Just prior to his death, he collaborated with fellow station members and oversaw the building of the dining table at Station 2 in Baltimore County.

Robert was an awesome dad to our daughter, Casey, and our son, Garrett. His love for them was immeasurable. He instilled in them the value of giving your best, hard work, dedication, and commitment to seeing a task through to completion. Equally important, he showed them the value of a sense of humor. He was just as soft as he was firm with them. He would have given them the world if he could, but he knew it was better to set high expectations and watch them discover their potential. They grew strong and independent; he grew proud.

Teaching fire and rescue classes for MFRI and the EST Program for Carroll County Public Schools was a passion that burned deep in his soul. He knew how critical it was to mentor, guide, teach, support, and encourage young people to become the next generation firefighters. Any of his students will tell you he was firm but fair. He set very high expectations and worked to establish respect between instructor and student. He believed respect was a two-way street, and it had to be earned on both sides.

Bob was a volunteer firefighter/EMT in Carroll County for 38 years, serving Taneytown and Pleasant Valley Fire Departments. During this time period, he held various positions including lieutenant, captain and assistant chief. He intertwined his love of golf with fundraising, having co-chaired the PVFD Annual Golf Tournament for years. In 2015, the Valley renamed the tournament in his memory. Proceeds go to the “Bob” Robert W. Fogle III Scholastic Funds. Bob would be humbled but pleased. His professional career with Baltimore County Fire Department began in 1986. At the time of his death, he held the position of fire apparatus driver operator.

Above all, Robert is remembered by his friends and his extended family for his love of a good prank, sense of humor, and willingness to help out however he could. He was caring and giving. He is deeply missed, but fondly remembered. So until we meet again, I say, “Well done my friend, well done.”

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