Roll of Honor

Shane Scott Brown

Shane Scott Brown

  • Firefighter
  • DeSoto Fire District No. 8
  • Louisiana
  • Age: 25
  • Year of Death: 2003

Submitted by his Mom and Dad

Shane at the age of 10 would tag along with other volunteer firemen including his dad. He became a junior firefighter at the age of 16. He was so proud. After graduating from high school in 1997‚ he decided to attend Shreveport Fire Academy in Shreveport‚ LA to become an EMT. While attending EMT school‚ he passed his civil service test and was hired to become a full-time paid employee for Fire District 8 on December 19‚ 1997. His rank was firefighter/operator. He became an EMT Basic in February 1998. He decided he wanted to be better qualified to do more. Working around his shifts at the fire department he went back to school in 2000 to be trained as a paramedic through Acadian Ambulance Service in Alexandria‚ LA. This was about a 200-mile round trip for him. He made many trips‚ but he wanted to take the course through this highly rated Ambulance Service. He successfully passed all his testing and became a paramedic in September 2002. We were so proud of him‚ as he worked so hard. Needless to say‚ he was proud of what he had accomplished‚ too. Shane was the only paramedic on the fire department. On his days off he would work for the ambulance service. He worked part time at the local hospital for awhile and filled in some at 911.

An unsigned letter (Everyday Heroes) was found in the fireman’s boot that was placed by casket. This is an excerpt from the letter:

Shane had a true quality and good character‚ he treated me as an equal. He wanted to make a difference‚ his heart went out to those who were hurting. Just to watch him work was to watch an artist who loved what he did. He was one of the best teachers I ever had. If you didn’t know something‚ he did not belittle you for it. When I would speak to him it was like speaking to a king that lived as a peasant to better serve his people. His name is Shane Brown. This name will always be synonymous with pure heart. He left a memory in the heart of DeSoto Parish.

Excerpts from other letters:

Professional at all times in his work and the work ethic I saw in him from wildfires to ambulance service wa san example for all around him to follow. They looked to him in leadership. Shane was completely oblivious to the impact he was having on people‚ but this is typical for a person who has a servant’s heart. His legacy will continue. He will never be forgotten.

We are so proud of our son‚ our only child. He has seen more in his short life than most people will see in a lifetime. He has helped so many. To know him was to love him.

Shane ran over 1800 calls in his six years as a paid fireman. He answered his last alarm on December 24‚ 2003. He was only 25 years old.

Shane never called us Mom or Dad. He called me Hon and his dad Sam. So I will sign this letter‚

From His Parents‚
Hon & Sam

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Memorial Wall

  1. I want to say that Shane was the best person I knew. He was my friend and co-worker. We had some real good times together at work and away from work.I have accomplished so much because he helped me through so much. He cut the EMT patch off his shirt and gave it to me for luck in my class. i remember he always would laugh at me because i was so afraid of needles and i wish he was here to see that im not anymore. He has tuaght me so much and i wish that he was still here to be teaching me, but he is in the station in the sky watching over all us. We miss you shane. Its not the same at the station without you laughing and cutting up.

    – Fred Lowery
  2. Shane was a true friend,someone who was always there when you needed him,no matter what the situation.I think of him often and will miss him always.He touched the lives of all who knew himand will never be forgotten.

    – Courtney Fanning
  3. I don’t think there are adequate words to describe Shane. Loyal, compassionate, giving, loving, the list could go on.Shane was one of my best friends. I remember the last time I saw him, I was sick and he drove all the way across town just to bring me a Sprite. He had a smile that just lit up a room and a heart that you could see for miles.He was so dedicated to his career. It was his passion and anyone who knew him knew that.He is missed greatly and will always be. I love you Shane!

    – Michelle Newman
  4. hey shane not a day goes by your not thought about at the station we still wait to hear your voice over the intercom even tho it will never come we know your with us guiding us and watching over us every time the page goes off here it goes off up their to and i personally want to thank you for your service time >Shane is not gone not at all Fred is taking it hard still but he was very close and we are sad for him but he holds up his head and does his job and i think shane would be proud of him better yet i know

    – Somebodys Hero
  5. Shane – It’s almost that time of year again, and your birthday and now is when it’s the hardest. I think of you every day and miss your smile and your friendship. I will always have wonderful memories of you and I love you very much!

    – Courtney
  6. Shane, so many times I think of you. I think of how you comforted me after my brother passed away. I think of how Danny was waiting for you the day you were taken from us. Both of your deaths were only a year, almost to the day, apart. I miss our long talks and emails. My heart broke the day I found out you had left us. You made me laugh and were truly one of the best people I knew. You are forever in my heart.

    – Tonia
  7. Shane was an amazing person. I tagged along at DFD8 as a volunteer for a few years. He taught me so much as a rookie. I remember quizzing him on his paramedic studies, he was so smart and always gave the correct answer and then some! He inspired me a tremendous amount. He never spoke ill towards or about anyone. He did what he did out of true compassion and love for his fellow man. He touched my life in many ways and helped mold me into the firefighter I am today.
    He lived to serve and help others. He was so full of life and couldnt wait for the next page tone to go off.
    He is missed tremendously and will NEVER be forgotten.

    – Meg
  8. SHANE
    As I watch the days grow closer, I always see hurt in his eyes. As time has made it bearable it’s still not easy. I know Yall have guy time every year, he is somewhat at peace afterwards. God and you were pretty sneaky, with yalls match making skills. Fast forward to 15 years , Nicholas Shane and a lifetime of memories. Everyone has their Shane Brown stories, and we all reminisce. You were one of the most selfless men. We love and miss you! Not day goes by that there’s not a what if. I know God needed you more than us. So as our little family , we are blessed with one of our guardian angels. NEVER FORGOTTEN 🖤👨‍🚒🚒🚑🖤

    – Pamela
  9. I remember this sweet young man. Always kind, always polite. And I came upon that tragedy on my way to work. Such a loss. Not just to family, but the community.

    – Marsha Anders
  10. Words can never express our love & respect for this precious young man! he was/is so special to us & willalways be. I pray he & Rusty are together; there is no better angel to greet him n heaven! We LOVE u both very much! Our boys r with us always, just differently🙏🏻💔

    – Jack/ Gayle Canton