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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Steven Coakley

Steven Coakley‚ a Deer Park native for 36 years‚ started his fire career with Wyandanch Volunteer Fire Co. Chief Jack Miller was his mentor. Following this‚ he was appointed to FDNY Engine #217. He was planning to retire in 2005. Steve’s Dad was an honorary member of Wyandanch Fire Department. Steve followed his grandfather (Michael Teodorowicz) who served 31 years with N.Y.C.

His love was his waterfront home at Madeira Beach‚ Florida where he enjoyed days on his 25-foot Betrum Boat. He participated in every sport — wrestling‚ boating‚ fishing‚ skiing and all available contests. He always won and he was always happy.

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  1. I did’nt know you steven, but would just like to say what an honour it is to say share the same surname with hero! God bless you and all the other poor souls who died with you on that awful day! May you all rest in peace. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers! xxxx

    – sylvia coakley
  2. When ever I think of a hero, I think of you.


    When my 4 year old son Sean and I spoke with you briefly and then said goodbye – I didn’t know it would be forever. Thanks for being a great friend and neighbor. Thanks for dedicating your life to serve others. We will Never Forget our hero, Steve Coakley.

    – Ross Greco

    – Ross Greco
  3. I didn’t have the honor of knowing Steven but I am going to honor him today by doing the Pierce Manufacturing 9/11 stair climb in honor of Steven and the sacrifice he and his family made. Thank you and please know I’m sending you all my love.

    – Amber Kress
  4. To you and your family,

    I climbed today for you. I never knew you, but you gave me strength. Every day of my career I draw motivation from those who came before me. You were a fun loving guy and I wish I could’ve met you. On 9/11 and every day I step on my rig: I WILL NEVER FORGET.

    – Tyler
  5. I did a memorial stair climb today and Steven’s image is one of those I had the privilege to carry. His name and knowledge of his sacrifice will continue to live on.

    – Christina
  6. Climbed to 110 for you yesterday, brother. I remember watching in horror as that day unfolded before me through a tv screen, igniting my desire to serve. It was an honor and privilege to represent you.

    “I made a promise to never forget, so I climb because they climbed.” – New Orleans Stair Climb Motto

    – Joshua
  7. Climbed in San Antonio for you brother. It was a great honor.

    – Seth
  8. This is my second year being involved with Step Up For Heroes! Steven Coakely you are my hero!! I will be completing the climb tomorrow! I will think of you each stair I take! Thank you for all you did for others. I am sure you will be smiling down from heaven as a trudge up the stairs!

    – Patty Mihelich
  9. It was an honor to climb 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau field today wearing your tag. Hero is a small word with a very large meaning…. I will never forget!!!

    – Amy Robbins
  10. I did the Clayton, MO 9/11 memorial stair climb today in your honor. Your bravery will not be forgotten ❤️

    – Keri
  11. It was my privilege to climb the stairs at the Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tn. in your honor. I will never forget your acts of bravery and courage.

    – Seth Smith
  12. Honored to walk with my son in the Chattanooga 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in your memory Steven Coakley.

    – Erika F Weathers
  13. I didn’t know Steve personally but his family were clients of mine in insurance. It is truly an honor to have known this family and God Bless them and Steven, may he rest in peace. He was truly a hero on 9/11 and gave his life to save others on that terrible day in our history. May this day of 9/11 never be forgotten and remain in our hearts forever.

    – Sandy Orndoff
  14. Steve, it’s been 19 years today that we lost you and so many others. I remember being glued to the TV waiting to read your name on the list of survivors,… it never came.
    You ran towards the terror to help. I can’t imagine your last day. But I choose to remember your laughter and how much fun you brought to all around you. Glad I got to know you, even if only for a short while. Have some tea with my folks in heaven. They will be glad to see you!

    – Lois
  15. My husband and I adopted a rescue dog that was named after you in 2006. Coakley was our first dog, a beautiful black and white Siberian Husky, and the best dog we ever had! We loved him so very much! He left us suddenly and unexpectedly in 2015. I always think about him fondly on 9/11 as he bore the name of a hero.

    – Rebecca Ryan
  16. We ran for you today at the Tunnel to Towers run. My husband is a Coast Guard member and was given your name to run in honor of. We thank you and your family for your ultimate sacrifice.

    – Andrea & Joe Coakley
  17. I knew Steve from Wyandanch Fire Department. I have many fond memories of him. Also a lot of stories that probably should be left with me and him. Always had your back. A true hero in every sense of the word.

    – William Dunleavy
  18. I never had the honour of knowing you Steven, but I too am fellow firefighter and I’ll be climbing 28 Floors with 25kg of gear whilst Donning and starting up my B.A. Set on 02/09/2023 in Melbourne, Australia in your memory Steven. May you be resting in peace mate.

    – Boutros Jeitani
  19. Hi my name is Chey Martinez I’m a firefighter in Oklahoma City ok. Tomorrow is our 9/11 stair climb challenge and I’m honoring Mr. Coakley family I’m walking for him. Just want to let Mr. Coakley family and friends know that this is huge for me. Thank you

    – Chey Martinez
  20. I had the privilege of carrying Firefighter Steven Coakley’s tag for the 2020 San Antonio 9/11 Memorial Tower Climb (I did my climb with the Ulvalde FD, in their town, that year since it was virtual for that one) and have carried his tag with me most everywhere I go since then and for every climb since then. Just finished my climb with his tag. I think of and pray for his family and friends whenever he comes to mind. He sounds like he was such a wonderful and brave man.

    Cherie Eyer