Roll of Honor

Thomas S. Murray

  • Firefighter
  • Jefferson City Fire Department
  • Tennessee
  • Age: 21
  • Year of Death: 2002

He was a member of Jefferson City Fire Department only 6 months. Prior to this Shane was volunteer fireman with Lakeway Central Volunteer Fire Department and had been since he was seventeen years old. While at the Jefferson City Fire Department‚ he enrolled in the first responder classes‚ with the goal of being certified with the EMS. At Lakeway Central‚ Shane received all of his certifications of being a fireman at Lakeway Central where he was 1st Lieutenant. His personal interest and achievement was to be the best fireman he could be and to help any one that needed help. He loved to hunt and go fishing with his friends. His survivors are as follows: mother and step-father Dana and Eddie Hoffner‚ grandparents Bill and Jewell Murray‚ uncles Danny Murray‚ Timmy Mayes‚ aunt Angie Mayes and cousin Lindsey Murray and special 2nd cousin Morgan. The thing you remember most about Shane was that silly little grin and he always had a smile on his face. He was not afraid to show his true feelings and was a very dedicated fireman. He loved his job and he gave it 100% always and was doing so at the time of his tragic death. He and God have given my family the strength to keep going. Thank you Shane and the Lord above. We love and miss you‚ always in our heart and on our mind.

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Memorial Wall

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