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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2000

William M. Blakemore Sr.

William M. Blakemore‚ Sr.‚ 48‚ a career private with the Memphis Fire Department‚ died on March 8‚ 2000‚ of a gunshot wound sustained while responding to an arson fire.

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  1. Although it has been 15 years, it seems as if it was just yesterday. The way that you were taken from us was so unfair. Would it had been easier if you had died in a fire? I really can’t say. What I do know is this : HURT IS HURT!!!
    Still missing you!!!!
    Your Little Sister,

    – Rosalind Blakemore
  2. 20 years and it still hurts like 20 minutes ago. Nothing will ever fill this hole in my heart that was created the day that you left me. I miss you so much it hurts. Zachary drew a picture last week that reminded me that your grandchildren will never know how brave, loved and amazing that you were. So even though it hurts like heck, it would behoove me to be grateful for the years that we were blessed with you, the lessons learned, the love given, the courageous spirit you possessed each and everyday of your life. You died in the line of duty. It doesn’t get more courageous than that. Thank you for showing me in “real life” what it feels like to be a Princess. Thank you for loving me on purpose, that way I could easily identify a love that wasn’t real. Thank you for always protecting me. It is because of you that I know when I don’t feel safe. Thank you for being my daddy. So many people are cheated because they have to grow up without knowing what it’s like to have a father. I had you when it mattered the most and for that I am forever grateful. I miss you so much dad. ♥️ Rest in Heaven.

    – Courtney Blakemore