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Chief Ernest (Ernie) Mitchell, Jr.

Chief Ernest Mitchell, Jr.

Chief Ernest Mitchell, Jr. was the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s United States Fire Administrator for the United States Fire Administration. He began his tenure on December 5, 2011 and was responsible for managing the United States Fire Administration, the programs and training activities at the National Emergency Training Center. Chief Mitchell retired as the Fire Chief and Assistant Director of Disaster Emergency Services for the City of Pasadena, California Fire Department.

Each year, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation sponsors the official national tribute to all firefighters who died in the line of duty during the previous year. Thousands attend the Memorial Weekend in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

California Firefighters Being Honored in October 2022

Video Resources

Go Down Swinging – The Nathan Espinosa Story

On September 19, 2018, the Los Angeles City Fire Department responded to a fire in a commercial structure. Within minutes of arrival, the department experienced a significant near miss event involving serious injury to one of its newest members. Rather than take the incident in stride as “part of the job,” LAFD Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas reviewed the incident and within ten days ordered a top to bottom cultural shift in the department’s response to structural fires. The cultural shift preserved the LAFD tradition of aggressive fire attack, while injecting new practices designed to improve firefighter safety and avoid a repeat event that could lead to an irreversible tragedy. This tells the tale of how one fire chief and a major metropolitan department recognized a threat and responded by taking bold corrective action before the threat became a tragedy. It is a model of courageous leadership.

Boyd Street Trailer

Firefighter Resources and Training

Fire Hero Learning Network

Local Assistance State Team

Local Assistance State Team
This program is a collaboration between the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance and the NFFF. When an LODD death is reported, the state coordinatormake contact with effected department to offer assistance.

Everyone Goes Home® Advocates

Our Everyone Goes Home® Advocates represent their state in the promotion, presentation, and awareness of the 16 Firefighters Life Safety Initiatives and serve as the eyes and ears of the NFFF’s Everyone Goes Home® Program.

Attributes of Leading

Attributes of Leading (AoL) is designed to build more effective fire service leaders of all ranks. is a highly interactive, real-world applicable, case study-based course available in two formats, train-the-trainer, and direct course delivery.

Other Important Firefighter Life Safety Resources

Truman Fire Forum

Firefighter Life Safety Summits

First Responder Center for Excellence (FRCE)

First Responder Center for Excellence
FRCE is dedicated to protecting the lives and livelihoods of first responders, nationwide. Our education and research initiatives constantly shed new light on challenges to the health, safety and well‑being of firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders. It’s all with the goal of reducing line‑of‑duty injuries, deaths, and occupational illnesses.

Uniformed Peer Support Program

NFFF established the Uniformed Peer Support Program to assist department members who have experienced the death of a firefighter in the line of duty. Specially designed networks of peers are organized by rank to foster understanding and facilitate sharing of similar experiences—all with the goal of helping to provide a path forward. Networks include: