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Powerful words about painful events

Twelve chiefs representing every type of department –metropolitan and rural, career, volunteer and wildland – share the grim realities of coping with a line-of-duty death.


Survivor Programs News


Survivor Wellness Conference promotes better quality of life

In May, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hosted a Survivor Wellness Conference in Portland, Oregon. This conference focused on self-care during grief and included sessions about physical, mental, and emotional health.


First Young Adults Retreat was a great success

In June, thanks to a generous donation from the family of Timothy T. Gunther (2015-NY), we held the first ever Young Adults Retreat in Warrenton, Virginia, for sons and daughters of fallen firefighters, ages 18-25. This is a group we have long wanted to serve better, and the retreat was a great success.

Honoring our vow to never forget

Sue Nasatka remembers clearly the last time she saw her father. She was 8-years old on that Sunday morning in July of 1958. A house was on fire and Alexander Johnson had to respond. In addition to working full-time with the Naval Academy Fire Department he volunteered with Rescue Hose Company #1 in Annapolis.

» Photos and Video from the Pre-1981 Decication Walk of Honor® Ceremony

2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and its partners awarded 69 scholarships to 60 children, 2 stepchildren, and 7 spouses. They are preparing for careers ranging from Social Work to Mechanical Engineering. Three recipients are enrolled in a Fire Science program.

Fire Service Programs News

Arizona LAST 10th Anniversary

For the Arizona Local Assistance State Team (AZ LAST) and many other teams across the country, 2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of a landmark initiative by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) aimed at providing assistance and support to fire departments following the death of a firefighter.


International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge

Promise, Pledge, Vow, Commit

The Foundation has rolled out a revamped website to support seatbelt usage among firefighters. “The look and feel of this new website, plus its increased ease of use will improve this already effective program,” says the Executive Director of the NFFF, Chief Ronald J. Siarnicki.

Everyone Goes Home® Program Updates

A faciliated discussion and planning session helped us gather important feedback and lay the groundwork for the coming year. Based on that discussion and other input we’ve recevied throughout the year, we are going to take a new approach and create a strategic plan for each region. We may be reaching out through a few surveys to collect some information from everyone. Your valuable insights will be needed to meet each defined goal.

Messaging for Cardiac Health in the Fire Service:
September 26-28, 2016

To help the fire service move to the next step, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is sponsoring a meeting in Baltimore on September 26-28, which will explore how to develop messages that will encourage people to change behaviors. We are inviting several of the researchers who informed Heart to Heart, representatives from fire departments who support cardiovascular disease research, and some from the fire service constituent organizations who have a galvanizing influence throughout our industry.

Firefighter Life Safety Initiative #13 Update

This fall, the Behavioral Health team will be launching several new resources to provide the fire service and their families with access to counseling and psychological support.

National Fallen Firefighters
Memorial Weekend

October 8 – 9, 2016


Join a Nationwide Tribute for Fallen Firefighters

You can be part of a national tradition to honor the memories of firefighters who died in the line of duty and show your support for their survivors. Join the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) in Bells Across America for Fallen Firefighters.

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Help honor our nation’s fallen firefighters

Firefighters will climb the equivalent of 110 stories to symbolize the number of floors in the Twin Towers. 15 years after the September 11th attacks, we will honor the 343 firefighter from FDNY, the 37 Port Authority Police officers, and the 23 NYPD officers who died that day.
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National Stair Climb for Fallen Firefighters