Programs for Young Adults

Young Adults Retreat

Build connections with others, develop skills for coping, and make new memories while exploring nature’s beauty.

Young Adults Retreat

This fun and exciting annual retreat blends outdoor experiences in nature with facilitated conversations designed to build connections, skills, and insight to face grief and other life challenges. This free retreat is for children, step-children, and siblings, ages 18-25, whose firefighter has been honored or is approved to be honored at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

For a child or young adult, losing a parent changes life forever. It shakes the foundation and sense of safety that every child relies on, and it changes family dynamics. The Young Adults Retreat was designed to help young people gain knowledge and skills to understand and deal with grief and to build supports as they move forward into full independence.

Young Adults Retreat

Participants have an opportunity to meet other young people from across the country who have experienced the death of a firefighter parent or sibling. One of the most important elements of these events is simply bringing people together to share their stories with one another and to create networks of support.

“This was by far my favorite NFFF event that I have attended. I loved having outdoor activities half the day, group sessions for a few hours, and free time built in to connect and talk outside of structured time. I loved having both challenging and fun activities that allowed us to grow and create memories together and feel so cared for. “

“Just wanted to thank you for giving us an awesome experience at the Young Adults Retreat. It was fun being in such a beautiful area of the country. We really enjoyed whitewater rafting and hiking. It also allowed us to make new friends with other young adults who lost loved ones. We learned a lot about ourselves and others. We will cherish this experience forever.”

“Thank you for the amazing experiences and showing me to an entire new family. I had so much fun and met awesome friends.”

“I loved everything—the hikes, rafting, riding, connecting with others, taking in the scenery. It was so wonderful to be able to relax, play, reflect, and have this time to feel safe to talk about anything without worrying and be ourselves.”

“Sharing our stories and hearing how others deal with grief lets me know I’m not alone.”