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The Journey

The Journey is a bi-monthly publication for fire service survivors. We chose the name The Journey since this is how many survivors describe life after the loss of a firefighter. The Journey focuses on issues related to loss and healing and includes the reflections and memories of survivors in their own words.

Issue Topic
Issue 1 In the Beginning: Getting Through the First Few Months
Issue 2 How Will I Know I'm Healing?
Issue 3 Remembering: Messages from the 2003 Remembrance Banner
Issue 4 Tributes to Fallen Firefighters
Issue 5 Survivor Success Stories
Issue 6 A Proud Grandmother Writes
Issue 7 Taking Care of Our Own
Issue 8 Do Children Grieve?
Issue 9 Pets: How They Help Us Through Our Loss
Issue 10 Multiple Losses: Too Many Losses All at Once
Issue 11 Sibling Grief: Stories from Adult Sibling Survivors
Issue 12 Grieving During the Holidays
Issue 13 When Others Remember Our Loved Ones
Issue 14 Focus on Children
Issue 15 The Memorial Weekend
Issue 16 Moving On
Issue 17 Losing a Parent as an Adult
Issue 18 Parenting After the Loss of a Spouse
Issue 19 Keeping Their Stories Alive
Issue 20 Full Circle: A Story of the Memorial Weekend
Issue 21 What Grief Has Taught Me
Issue 22 Labels: "Widows" and "Survivors"
Issue 23 The Survivors Conference
Issue 24 Survivors Sharing Memories
Issue 25 Extended Family and Friends
Issue 26 Children Who Lost Their Fathers
Issue 27 Stories of Actual Journeys Shared by Survivors
Issue 28 Scholarship Stories
Issue 29 Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Issue 30 With a Little Help from My Friends
Issue 31 Telling Your Story
Issue 32 When an Adult Son or Daughter Dies
Issue 33 Faith and Tradition
Issue 34 Reaching Out for Help
Issue 35 Legacies
Issue 36 Vivid Dreams, Visions & Visitations
Issue 37 Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance
Issue 38 Sometimes It's the Little Things
Issue 39 Personal Journeys of Loss and Continued Connection
Issue 40 Working Through the Sticking Points
Issue 41 Dreams
Issue 42 Paying it Forward
Issue 43 Teenagers
Issue 44 Words of Inspiration
Issue 45 Holidays & Miracles
Issue 46 Hope
Issue 47 Humor
Issue 48 Music
Issue 49 Who My Firefighter Was to Me
Issue 50 Preserving Memories for Children
Issue 51 Engaging Fully in Life
Issue 52 Young Widowhood
Issue 53 How does grief change over time?
Issue 54 The power of joyful memories
Issue 55 Who was there for you in the darkest hours?
Issue 56 You Are Not Alone
Issue 57 Choices
Issue 58 What does the New Year represent to you?
Issue 59 Children and Grief
Issue 60 Secondary Losses

Foundation Newsletter

Foundation Newsletter

The Foundation publishes a newsletter for survivors of fallen firefighters and others interested in issues that relate to line-of-duty death. The newsletter focuses on survivor issues, benefits, and Foundation programs.

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