#MyGivingStory: Barry Balliet

What inspires me to give?

Giving for me emanates from a realization that I have been the recipient of many life graces. The ride that I am on is exciting and full beyond measure. I am humbled and grateful to be in a position to return thanks. I could not have invented a better life’s calling. The depth of relationship with co-workers, our agencies representatives, and importantly the Emergency Service Personnel whom we serve is a source of joy and purpose.

Why the NFFF?

I am privileged to be engaged with a number of worthy causes (not just financially but with dedicated time commitment); however, the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation is certainly a STANDOUT!

Succinctly, why do I give of money and time:

1. The Nation’s Fallen Firefighters are honored.
2. Countless lives are restored through sensitive and compassionate people and programs. Amazingly, many of the “wounded” go on in turn to assist in the healing of others.
3. The NFFF’s leadership role in coordinating and facilitating efforts to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries.
4. Their impeccable and established record of making sure that the $$$ are not lost in bureaucracy and indeed reach the needs of our heroes!

Give on!