The Walk of Honor®

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The park features a brick Walk of Honor® that connects the monument, the historic Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel, and memorial plazas. Each brick on the walkway bears a personal inscription. Proceeds from the sale of these bricks help to finance construction of the Memorial Park.

The Walk of Honor® continues to expand and now contains more than 13,000 inscribed bricks. Numbered sections help donors and recipients locate their special bricks.

A section in the crosswalk recognizes the Foundation’s major donors. This special section contains bricks honoring more than 800 corporations, organizations, and individuals for their support. These sponsors help ensure that our fallen heroes and their families will always be remembered!

To speed up placement of donated bricks, the Foundation has laid brick pavers that will be replaced with inscribed bricks twice a year. ; in the late spring and in the late summer. Bricks purchased between January 1st and June 30th will be placed in September, and those purchased between July 1st and December 31st will be placed in May.

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