Fire Hero Family Network

Fire Hero families can provide a unique kind of support to one another. Simply connecting with someone else who has lost a beloved firefighter can offer a sense of hope and understanding.

Members of our Fire Hero Family Network volunteer to reach out to others. The Foundation matches members of the network with family members who face similar circumstances. For example, we have brought together spouses who are raising teenagers, women who were pregnant when they lost their husbands, and parents who have lost their only child.

Sometimes, families live close enough to one another that they are able to meet in person. More often, they keep in touch by e-mail, letters or phone. Many close friendships have grown from matches made through the Network.

Most importantly, members of this special network remind new families that they are not alone.

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I received my first letter from my survivor angel almost four years ago, and we have been writing to each other ever since. Just knowing that I’m not alone and can talk to someone is a comfort to me. – Wife, Florida