Family Resources

Remembrance Program

The anniversary of the death of a loved one is often difficult for families.

Remembrance Program

During the anniversary month of their firefighter’s death, families receive a Remembrance card written by another Fire Hero Family member. It is a simple way to remind families that others remember and care. If you would like to volunteer to send Remembrance Cards, please complete the form below.

I write the cards because it is important that the family members are never forgotten. I know how it makes me feel to receive one each year. It is a privilege to write these cards for the families of these forever heroes. I can think of no better way to volunteer my time.

Fill out my online form.

Monthly Remembrance Groups

Our monthly Remembrance Groups, held on the second Sunday of each month, will be facilitated by Vickie Taylor, a licensed clinical social worker who has served as a NFFF behavioral health consultant since the Foundation was created in 1992.