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John Kane

John Kane
John Kane spent 21 years with the Syracuse (NY) Fire Department, retiring in 2022 as the Deputy Chief of the Special Operations Division. The SFD is an ISO Class 1 fire department and was awarded the NFFF Seal of Excellence in 2021. After retirement, John took over a local fire science community college program, where he and his team were able to earn IFSAC accreditation and FESHE alignment. John serves on two NFPA technical committees: 1010 and 1020. He’s been an Advocate with the NFFF for almost six years, and has delivered the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s flagship programs, Courage to Be Safe®, Leadership, Accountability, Culture, Knowledge, and Leadership so Everyone Goes Home all over upstate New York. John lives in Syracuse with his wife Sarah and their three sons.