Roll of Honor

Adam Le Long

Adam Le Long

  • Firefighter
  • Columbus Fire and Emergency Services
  • Ohio
  • Age: 43
  • Year of Death: 2016

Adam was a member of the Air Force for more than 24 years. He was a firefighter and paramedic for 18 years. Most importantly, he was a loving husband to Lore and devoted father to Micah and Luke.

Adam began his active duty Air Force career as a large vehicle mechanic, working on fire trucks and fuel trucks. He went on multiple deployments, including six trips to the Middle East and a remote tour to Kunsan, Korea. Adam was serving in the Ohio Air National Guard in Springfield with the 178th Fire Emergency Services Urban Search and Rescue Flight, designator OH-178. He was a strike team leader for the rescue mission and station captain for firefighting operations. He has received countless honors and awards for his impeccable work ethic.

Adam began his firefighting/paramedic career at the Celina Fire Department in Ohio, where he was also an open water rescue diver. Later, he became a firefighter in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He was a paramedic for Charleston County and ran transport squad for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He spent the last 12 years with Ladder 154 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in Columbus, Ohio. Adam designed all of their fire and HAZMAT trucks and was in charge of all rescue equipment. He was promoted to captain and then stepped down to care for his wife, who was battling cancer, and his son, who has autism. Adam always put his family first.

Adam enjoyed spending time with his family more than anything. He was a model husband and father. He was involved in every aspect of his son Luke’s therapies. He was an organic gardener. Adam was very healthy and enjoyed exercising every day. He loved to ride his bicycle and pulled Luke along in his Weehoo. He ran and walked the metro parks with his wife. He also loved catfishing. He had been a fisherman since he was a young boy.

Adam was an advocate for autism and for our environment. He believed strongly in lifelong learning. He was finishing his bachelor’s degree in fire administration and his CCAF. Adam was always smiling and positive. He was encouraging to everyone and always willing to help people. He is remembered for his enthusiasm, honesty, integrity, and tireless work effort. He had the brightest smile and loudest laugh. He is dearly loved forever.