Roll of Honor

James W. “Jimmy” Ward

James W. “Jimmy” Ward

  • Firefighter
  • City of Logan Fire Department
  • West Virginia
  • Age: 49
  • Year of Death: 2019

James W. “Jimmy” Ward was an amazing man who is loved and missed by many. He had 30+ years in the fire service. In those years, he touched many lives, not only by doing his part as a fireman, but also as a leader in helping the younger firemen. He helped in training them and teaching them along the way. He had numerous certifications such as Firefighter I, II, and III, Arson detection I and II, Principles of Building Construction Non-Combustible-Pilot, Emergency Railroad Incident (ERRI), and different levels of HAZMAT, just to name a few. He not only worked as a firefighter but was also an EMT-B, where he touched other lives as well. He loved helping others and used his time as a firefighter and EMT to show his love for community and those around him.

The one thing most people remember most about him is the way he could make the saddest person laugh within just a few minutes of his presence. He had a way with making people laugh, and you couldn’t help but laugh when he was around. He leaves behind a beautiful daughter who he loved more than anything or anyone. She was his world, and she definitely took after him in making people laugh. He would move mountains for her. She is following in his footsteps by becoming a firefighter herself. He would be beyond proud of her.

Even though he isn’t physically here with us any longer, his love and spirit live on through the many memories of those he loved and who loved him. Little things that happen at home make us aware that he is still here with us always.

He started his career at the age of 14 and finished it at the young age of 49 when he passed in May of 2019. Had things been different, he would have been 50 in December of 2019. There will never be enough words, even if you combined all the languages together, to describe what kind of man and father he was. He was definitely one in a million. He will forever be loved and missed more than could ever be expressed.

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