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Luis Ignacio Batayola

Luis Ignacio Batayola

  • Lieutenant
  • Seattle Fire Department
  • Washington
  • Age: 63
  • Year of Death: 2021

Our beloved Luis Batayola died November 24, 2021, at age 63, with his wife and daughters by his side, after complications of respiratory failure and relapse of MDS (an aggressive blood cancer). Diagnosed in July of 2019, Louie began to undergo treatment for cancer, and in January of 2020, he received a stem cell transplant from his sister, Teresita. This gift gave Louie another year and a half with his now referred to “zoom” family.

Louie was born in Manila, Philippines, on December 31, 1957. In 1969, he immigrated to Seattle with his parents and sisters, and in 1972, at age 14, he became a U.S. citizen. Adjusting and adapting to this culture, he learned new ways to get by; being the “new kid” was tough. He quickly learned to hold his own and retain his independent spirit and voice. His paper route in the U-District/Roosevelt neighborhood was the start to hard work and routine and, at age 16, he began living on his own.

Louie graduated from Roosevelt High School in the Class of ’76. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 1978, while attending college, and then worked for Metro as a bus driver. In 1984, Louie began working for the Seattle Fire Department, and just a year later, in 1985, he met his wife, Martine.

Travel, children, friends, and good meals came easy. He also enjoyed volunteering in the International District Emergency Center and at various community events. Louie joined the Seattle/King County Disaster Team and returned to the Philippines to help with aid and rescue efforts in 1991 after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The team had the opportunity to meet President Cory Aquino, who graciously thanked the team members and mentioned to Louie he should practice his Tagalog.

Louie loved and cared for his family deeply, providing many opportunities. He also dedicated 37 years of his life to serving the residents of Seattle as a firefighter, helping with all types of trainings, teaching and leading as he could with the many hats he wore. He always did his best to look out for “his crew” at home or at work.

“Louie was a person with a whole life. He was a silly, funny, sad, angry, happy, and fun guy. He was our dad.”

Louie is survived by his wife and partner of 36 years, Martine Koban; and their daughters, Amelia and Isabelle (Brett); his mother, Dolores; sisters, Teresita (Dionnie) and Maria (Bill); nieces and nephews, Gabriela, Ariana, James, and their partners; Grace Tan and family; and Martine’s sisters, Andree-Marie Koban and Corinne Hagen and their families.

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